The Most Unexpected Pokémon Cosplay

I was hard to miss the man cosplaying as female Pokémon trainer Misty at this year's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. When I finally caught up to him, I asked to pose for our cosplay gallery.

Alas, there was so little cosplay on day three that there will be no final gallery for the show. Instead, Misty gets a Kotaku post of his own.

He asked me if I wanted a male pose or a female one. Both, I said. Both is what I now share with you.

(As I was taking these photos, another PAX attendee walked by and said, "I will have nightmares about you." I don't think they were talking to me.)


    A new challenger appears to Sailor Bubba & Man-Faye

    He could at least have shaved those legs and worn make up.

    Funniest thing ever. This man is a legend and a disgrace at the same time. Brilliant.

    I don't see the difference which one is the real misty lol

    what the?! I dont even.....

    My Eyes!!! These goggles, they do nothing!!!

    Jesus looks at those thighs!

    Jesus looks at those thighs!

    Of most concern to me is how those pants seem to fit so well without any apparent obstructions...

    Everyone is taking my ideas .-.

    You all are haters, this guy is hot ask any female. You guys are just jealous that girls think that his cosplay is awesome.

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