The New 25th Anniversary Zelda Site Is Awesome (If You Can Read Japanese)

Is Nintendo attempting to troll Samus and Metroid? A day after completely ignoring the 25th Anniversary of Metroid, Nintendo has launched a 25th Anniversary website for Zelda. It looks amazing - shame I can't understand a word of it though!

Still, I'm pretty sure that, at some point, we'll see an English version of this site, which features a snazzy flash intro, followed by history, cool desktops (one of which is adorning my computer as we speak) and plenty of other stuff that somehow manages to overcome the language barrier.

It is worth checking out - especially to remind yourselves of how awesome the Zelda soundtrack is going to sound orchestrated in Skyward sword.

Zelda 25th Anniversary [Nintendo]

In other news - this made me chuckle.


    Man, now I'm all excited for the orchestrated soundtrack too.

    And that picture made me laugh, but, since this is the internet I'm sure there are legions of people willing to profess their love for Samus while making dirty insinuations *rolls eyes*.



    Awww... Just like in the majority of Metroid games, Samus has to go it alone, even on her birthday.

    Poor Samus, ah well

    At least this female protagonist gets cake. Happy birthday Samus (I turned 23 today and I also had cake).
    And was totally thinking the same as Blaghman about the legions of fans. Then again, I would absorb the nutrients of vile alien beings and the vomit the resulting energy product on her.
    ...I mean...what?

    From what I can understand...The first panel on the zelda site is the history of aelda, the second one is a contest then the orchestral score. I don't know much kanji as I'm only a first year, but that's what I got.

    Poor Samus, she's always left by herself. It's okay Samus, I still love you.

    you can see the Australian version here:

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