The New Trackmania 2 Trailer Is Bananas

Thanks to Nintendo totally slacking off, my life is tragically devoid of the next-gen F-Zero I truly desire, but thank the good lord for Ubisoft, who are going ahead with the release of Trackmania 2: Canyon, providing me with the ludicrously high speed shenanigans my body truly deserves.

Trackmania 2: Canyon gets its officialy release on September 9. Will someone kindly hook this thing to my veins?


    I thought I heard somewhere that this was going to come out on the PS3 as well?

    I can't see any logos on the site though, so is it only on PC?

    I thought this looked rad already but when I saw the cars all falling down inside the loop and sliding across in mid-air to try and make it onto platforms... it's bad-ass.

    F-Zero > *

    Holy crap. The other trailers had me excited but this .. jaw to the floor stuff. How can it have so much content and still look so damn good?!


    Is this coming out on Steam?

      No. Typical "We want more control/money out of the platform" reasoning as to why.

    Fantastic as this looks I'm seriously not thrilled about them deciding to boycott Steam without good reason.

    Hooray for anti-consumer business decisions!

    Looks chaotic!

    If a game doesn't exist on Steam, it doesn't exist at all.

    I wants the precious..... on Steam.

    I was actually waiting for it to become available on Steam before I bought it there. I must have missed the memo that it wasn't coming out there...

    Oh well, there's an Add Non-Steam Game feature that I'll be using.

    And for those not sure whether to put down the cash, get yourselves Trackmania Nations Forever - it's free and uses the same sort of gameplay.

      They were talking as though they might bring it to Steam after some time, though it did sound like a "If sales tank then we'll think about it" sort of statement.

    You can actually play this now ive been playing for a couple of weeks ... Buy it and you can play the "beta" which seems to be the full game except no singleplayer

    bought after watching this vid... been playing and hot damn... more of the same awesome but better!

    I don't get why everybody's drooling over Steam and if TM2's not on it we won't buy. I don't have a Steam, so maybe I missed out on greatness that must be experienced to be understood, or something like that. But from what I understand (which isn't much, I'm not like a liason to Florent or anything), they're trying to turn Maniaplanet into a mini-Steam of sorts on their own. They're going to release 9 titles for sure--3 Trackmania, 3 Shootmania, and 3 Questmania. Florent's (head dev) ultimate goal is to release -15- titles. 5 of each.

    did they say up to 200 racers on the same track....Boom!!! I got a chubby...

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