The RPG That Parties Like It’s 1991

The RPG That Parties Like It’s 1991

Sick of “modern” role-playing games and their fancy graphics engines and free-flowing first-person perspective? Why not try Legend of Grimrock. It’s like a breath of stale air (but I don’t mean that in a bad way!).

Developed by indie studio Almost Human, it’s a quaint throwback to the days of early ’90s RPGs on the PC, with movement based on tiles and combat based on dice rolls, not how quickly you can click a mouse button.

It’s due out before the end of the year, and in addition to the PC, it’ll also be released on the Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPad as well.

Legend of Grimrock [Almost Human]


  • Want badly. Oh the memories. Been waiting for someone to make a new game like this, should be perfect for my ipad too.

  • this looks amazing! spiders are creepy, i want this and i want a mod kit and i want it to last for at least 100 dungeon levels >:D

  • Not a bad idea, sir. I always thought that ‘Orcs & Elves’ could’ve been a pretty sweet game/genre for handhelds if someone took it and knocked it sufficiently ‘out-of-the-park’ enough… But having this come to the PC is just perfect. Talk about nostalgia 🙂

    I also think this kind of old school RPG lends itself perfectly to the smaller phone-based-game size limitations so it’s cool to see that it’s heading there as well, though here’s hoping it shows up on Androids too.

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