The Sims On FaceBook Debuts With Almost 5 Million Users A Month

Call me elitist, but every time I hear about the success of another Facebook game, I think about all the status updates, alerts, requests I'm going to have to ignore/delete/block. It's just instinct. Facebook is for social networking/discussing what I had for dinner. But that being said, The Sims on Facebook has made it's debut and it already has almost 5 million active users per month.

That's a pretty incredible number considering the game has just left it's public beta and gone live. It's testament to the strength of The Sims brand amongst Facebook gamers, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that number continued to grow exponentially.

Now, back to my status update about my lunchbreak.

"I ate a very nice set off lamb skewers for lunch. It was delicious."

Yay, someone likes this!


    You're elitist...oh, wait, I think he same thing.


    Lamb skewers omnom.

    If it's a success, good for them. Facebook is clearly a good way to access a gigantic market with a lot of free time.

    I'm hearing through twitter that it is relatively amusing. I'd be interested in reading a comparison between this and the disastrous Sims Online. What, other than attaching it to Facebook, is different mechanically etc?

    Speaking of being an elitist about things...

    *its debut

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