The Stark Lines, And High Contract Of Dishonored

First-person action game Dishonored oozes style, but I'm still not clear on whether I should be excited about this game.

These new screenshots, released today, give some more glimpses of the Arkane Studios game that has you taking on the role of a supernatural assassin. That's right... a supernatural assassin. Sounds great and terrible all at once. Looks only great though, so I'm leaning towards loving it.


    Those cars, pretty much look the same as half life 2 ones :\

    Yeah, I realize it's the same designer or something but come on... EVERYTHING looks like it's ripped outta Half-Life 2 and tweaked slightly in the 'something-punk' direction :-P

    It looks like it'll be cool, but really... it just looks like Bioshock had a baby with Half-Life 2...

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