The Sweeping Video Game Art Of Nicolas Bouvier

Frenchman Nicolas Bouvier has been drawing pretty pictures for the video game industry since 1996, in a career that's taken him from Darkworks (Cold Fear) to Ubisoft to id Software and now to Microsoft, where he's working on the upcoming Halo 4.

In that time his art helped shape the vision of games like Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Assassin's Creed and RAGE.

While his later work is amazing, I'm actually more interested in the character pieces Bouvier has drawn for Warrior Within. That's a game almost universally loathed for the gritty transformation the titular Prince underwent, but in this concept art he looks much the same as he did in the game's predecessor, Sands of Time. Albeit a little more chesty.

Since his Halo 4 work won't be publicly available for a while, you can see more of Bouvier's art on his personal site, and you can purchase a book collecting some of his best stuff here.

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