The Sweet, Superb And Scary Cosplay Of Gamescom 2011

Gamescom 2011 may have been overcrowded today, but not with people dressed as video game, anime and comic book characters. While European cosplayers did represent at Gamescom, they did so in the corners of the Cologne Messe.

There was some great stuff — a respectable Alice in the American McGee style, a quartet of very attractive BlazBlue fans, and one Link and Zelda pair that were just precious — and there were plenty of random dudes in Pikachu costumes. Maybe it was all just a little less memorable than Gamescom 2010 — remember those two lady Links? — or maybe Gamescom needs to be more like Tokyo Game Show and dedicate some space to its cosplayers.

Somewhere where they needn't pose amidst the trash at least or the crowds on a smoke break. See what we saw, cosplay-wise, at Gamescom today in the gallery above.


    Ahh the generation gaps when it comes to cosplay. :P

    The last two: Jeff Bridges and his son.

    It's like cosplay, only chubbier

    omg so many ugly people..

    The Morrigan costume in the background of one of the pics was pretty good.

    For some reason (could it be skin?) I prefer Japanese Cosplay, but some of these are pretty good. Although I pity the foo who wants to be Duke Nukem.

    How to cosplay the easy way.

    Buy Elf Ears.
    Wear them plus dress
    Now your cosplaying.

      Pretty much. The generic elf ears on a pretty girl is some of the laziest cosplay.

        I'd prefer the hot girl, with elf ears, and no dress...

    Kinda laughing at all the chubby female links, no matter how good the clothes, it can't mask the fact your clearly NOT a badass dude.

      I'd never have said Link was badass by any stretch of the imagination.

      Even 'Dude' is still in the maybe box with that guy.

    Hands down the best one is the Beyond Good and Evil chick, Followed by American McGee's Alice, and then the Female Barbarian...though that helm looks bigger than her chest plate

    Holy shit, that guy actually looks like wesker!

      Agreed. That's the most accurate cosplay I've just about ever seen.

    H-ello, Alice!

      *Nods* ...... but why am i always atracted to the crazy ones ><

        All women are crazy.

    Just 'wow' at the guy carrying around the huge RE4 axe all day. Dedication.

    I feel a lot better about the tragic cosplay I've seen in Australia after seeing those pics.

    Some good cosplay in there. It will probably end up being the highlight for me of the EB expo next month.

    Scroll. Ew. Scroll. Ew. Scroll. ALICE. Yow.

      Ohhhhh yeah!

    This article should have been entitled "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!"

    Some excellent cosplay there, good to see people putting in such effort!

    in the picture with the creepy (not in a good way) joker... do i spy a deadpool in the background o.0

    To people in general: Please stop dressing up as Harlequin. She is stupid. Thank you.

    That Link in the article pic looks really uncomfortable.

    I quite liked the Ada one.

    One this I did notice? The little and trash around the place! Giving gamers a bad name.......

      Another 'thing' giving gamers a bad name is not proof reading posts. That should read LITTER and trash. Thank god I don't cosplay.

    the disgusting Joker/Harley/Catwoman one has a DEADPOOL in the background... why no pictures of the DEADPOOL???

    Oh, right. No tits or anime connection.

    We need a Lady Deadpool, it seems.

    Awesome executioner and wesker, sheva fail.

    I like them all! You guys try to make a costume, and try to pull off some character with your looks, they di their best on those costumes, and they can't help if they doesn't have the face of the character.

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