The Voice Of Edge Of Time's Spider-Man Is So Dreamy

Why do we have freaky giraffe-necked Andrew Garfield playing Spider-Man in the 2012 film reboot when the voice of Spider-Man from the cartoons and games looks this good?

You may not know Josh Keaton's face, but you know his voice. He's been Spider-Man in the cartoons, the video games, and anywhere else they've needed a Spider-Man without a face for years now. More than just a webhead, Keaton's also been the North American voice of Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid 3 and Portable Ops, and Valerian Mengsk in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. Such a versatile voice, and he's so dreamy. Couldn't you just eat his eyeballs?

For the men in the audience not comfortable with discussing the good looks of another man, I've included some PAX screenshots with the video post. I probably should have mentioned those before making you all uncomfortable. Oh well.


    Yes, yes I could eat his eyeballs.

    he is dreamy, fo sure

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