The Voice Of Spider-Man 2099 Is A Real Prince

The Voice Of Spider-Man 2099 Is A Real Prince

To a generation of Spidey fans, Christopher Daniel Barnes is the voice of Peter Parker. To a generation of Disney fans, he’s better known as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Back when Disney made The Little Mermaid, voice actors in animated films didn’t need to be big-name actors from television and movies. All they needed was a good voice, and Barnes’s was good enough to capture the role of the fish-mongering young Prince Eric in the 1989 animated classic. He’s since reprised the role in the Kingdom Hearts series, and has also played Prince Charming in several Cinderella sequels. He’s the living embodiment of a Spin Doctors song! Just go ahead now.

Fun Fact: Barnes is also one of the earliest video game voice actors, having played the role of sergeant Sonny Bonds in 1991’s Police Quest III: The Kindred.


  • I’d take a Spider-man Noir game over this any day of the week. I think the 2099 sections of shattered dimensions were actually the weakest parts of the game

  • I loved the Spider2099 comic, it lasted the longest of all the 2099 series. Although after playing the game it made me want to read the Noir series.

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