There Are Official Metroid Action Figures

The Chara Hobby toy show went down in Japan over the weekend, and stealing the limelight (at least from a video game perspective) were these two Metroid figures from Max Factory.

The Power Suit version is a small, posable figure, while the Zero Suit piece is a larger PVC statue.

It's rare that Nintendo licenses its properties to companies like this to make figures like this (when was the last time you saw a Twilight Princess action figure?). Normally it sticks to collectible statues or kid's stuff. Here's hoping this is the start of a trend where we can see more of this sort of gear!

C3 Hobby Show: Here are your images of Zero Suit and figma Samus!! [Tomopop]


    I really don't like zero suit Samus. I always thought of samus as being a bit tougher underneath not a dolled up blonde.

    I'm about half may through playing super metroid. That and the primes series is always how i think of samus.

    The top statue is cool though.

      The popularity of "Zero Suit Samus" is popular for one reason. It's skin tight.

      She's blonde in all those games too..(?)

        Nah, up until Metroid Prime she was a brunette. When Prime and Fusion was released they changed her to a blonde.

          I know. I liked her better as a brunette. Nintendo seem to like changing hair colours because if I remember right, Peach was originally a red head.
          Check here: (also princess toadstool was her English name, it was Peach in Japan.)

    I always wandered how that chest could ever be shrunk down to fit the rest of her body into the morph ball. :S

      she was made a blonde in super metroid (metroid 3) before that she was a brunette (nes) and uhhh... a shade of green for the gameboy... heh

    the posable figure is from the evil figma line.

    Sigh. I came in here hoping for a decent Power Suit statue for my bookshelf but no dice.



    The power suit one, that is. Not so hot on the ZSS one. Although the face does look much better than that awful F4F statue. Also it's just a statue, not poseable at all. So fail.


    Looks better than my first for figures one, which arrived decapitated in box. :(

    Hmm, I'm not opposed to the Zero Suit. It makes a cool sort of counterbalance to the overwhelming badass-ness of the armour, while still being practical in gameplay. The sneaking section in Zero Mission was awesomely fun and also for me demonstrated that in or out of the armour Samus is a highly competent and skilled warrior, not one to underestimate and certainly one to eff with.

    And hell, being a single straight male, the archetype of the female action-heroine with a sexualised undertone (in this case I suppose it's sexualised underwear, not undertone, but whatever I digress) is not entirely odious to me (see Wonder Woman, Buffy, Lara Croft etc.)

    What I can't stand though is that they fitted the damn Zero Suit with high-heels! What was the point of that? Aside from totally denigrating the cohesiveness of the character. It may just be me, but adding those in just makes the thing scream "post-mission-clubbing-outfit" as opposed to the practical "stealthy-incursion/Plan-B-armour-screwed-up-outfit"

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