There Are Two Hedgehogs And Four Tails In This Sonic Generations Trailer

There Are Two Hedgehogs And Four Tails In This Sonic Generations Trailer
There’s only two Tails, but each Tails has two tails, making it four tails. See, I used the capitalization of the headline as misdirection! Just watch the video.

Old and new versions of Miles “Tails” Prowler (or M.P.H. to his friends) join Sonic and Sonic in the Gamescom trailer for Sega’s generation-hopping hedgehog adventure later this year. He’s been relegated to the tail end of the trailer, which I’d like to imagine is someone at Sega’s trailer construction department being witty.

Either way, the real star of this trailer is the game environments, just as frantic and dizzying as they need to be, with plenty of breath-stealing drops thrown in to sweeten the pot. I’m impressed so far, though there’s still time between now and the November release for Sega to give somebody a handgun.


  • “See, I used the capitalization of the headline as misdirection!”

    I think he means that the capitalisation was used as an example of the horrible writing skills that all KotakuUS staff possess.

  • Does ANYONE care about Sonic? Really? The last good one was on game boy advance, and even that wasn’t that fantastic.

    The franchise is 99% garbage.

    • I care. The Sonic game on the GBA was awesome and I like the way this is combining both the sidescrolling nature of the originals and the 3rd person view of the later titles. It could work, it could.

  • I am sceptically looking forward to this game. The daytime levels of Unleashed pushed *most* of the right buttons for me, and I do love the Megadrive Sonic stuff (and, by extension, most of the GBA stuff. Sonic 4 was a bit meh).

    My main concern is the length of the game. I think a lot of the levels (Stardust Speedway being one of them I believe) are relegated just to boss fights which may leave us with not many environments, a lot of which will be from the Dreamcast era and later. Whilst most of Sonic’s history is 3D now (Sonic 1 came out in 91, and Sonic Adventure in 98) it’d still be nice to see more zones from the 2D games.

  • well we can always go back to Sonic Fan Remix if it does suck! the demo was great though, lets hope thats not the only good level, like Sonic 4…

  • Yeah seriously, this is just half what Sonic 4 should have been and half what Sonic Unleashed should have been. The demo was just staggeringly amazing, the controls are flawless, great music, fantastic level design, great speed, beautiful graphics… If they can keep all that up for an entire game – which it looks like they’re going to manage – it’ll probably be the best Sonic game ever. Not even the best since Sonic 2, just ever.

    I can understand the people being cynical since Sonic hasn’t had a good game in about a decade now, but if you’re going to post with outright hostility you make it pretty obvious you’re not giving this game a fair chance. It has nothing to complain about.

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