These Are 16 Versions Of Who You Might Be In Skyrim

You can pick a gender and a species for the hero or heroine you'll control in the dragon-filled lands of Skyrim. The people making the epic November 11 role-playing game show us 16 of the many possible looks four our lead character in a batch of new screenshots today. I want to be one of the lizard people, but, hey, I also want to be able to have my guy smile. Can he do that?

Let's take a tour.... For starters we've got the Argonian Female.

Another Argonian Female.

An Argonian Male.

A Dark Elf Female.

A Dark Elf Male.

A Khajit Male.

Another Khajit Male.

A Nord Male.

Another Nord Male.

An Orc Male.

Another Orc Male.

Yet another Orc Male.

A Red Guard Female.

A Red Guard Male.

A Wood Elf Male.

Another Wood Elf Male.


    Part of me wonders if I'll play any other game until November of 2012... This just tickles all my fancies

    So . . the closest thing you can get to a character that smiles is the Orc and his teeth :P

      khajit male 2 seems to be smiling

        nah, the dog for sure

    is it strange to anyone else that there is no Nord female or Khajit female, but an Argonian female???
    you can barely tell the Agronian male and female apart....

      my bad, i thought these were the ONLY possibilities, not just some

    Looking good

    But for us aussies, want to play Witcher 2 for 30 dollars.

    Just a heads, up. Gona buy this despite no time to do so. But thats more than half price.

    Won't be playing a second of Skyrim until the AU price drops below ripoff proportions.

        Will the retail edition use Steamworks?
        I don't want to buy a physical copy if I can't copy it to my steam account.

          Steamworks has been confirmed :)

    I have never wanted to play as a khajit toon.
    After seeing that guy above though, i think it would be bad ass.

    Much prefer this style of animation to oblivion.

      I agree so much with this.

      I've always hated the way Khajit look in both Morrowind and Oblivion, but those screen shots are insane!

      I reckon I might have to pick one this time, especially as I'm planning on being a thief/assassin.

        I used to play either a human race (Imp, Redguard or Nord) or a Dunmer, mainly for the appearance and to some extent the skill bonuses.
        Khajit are looking freaking awesome this time around, and it's going to be hard to resist...

    Every Elder Scrolls I've ever played I've always been a Spell Sword. I wonder if I will go the same this time?

    I wish my PC was good enough to run this, I'll just have to stick with the PS3 version.

    Hopefully I'll have a new PC sometime next year just in time for the inevitible GOTY version of Skyrim!

    Looking good. I like the more detailed reptilian appearance of the Argonians. Even the Bosmer are looking better.

    Wait...does this mean there won't be character just pick a pre generated character? I feel stupid for asking :S

      These are only SOME characters that have been created to show you the gloss and glame of the of the races. You can bet you Septim tush there will be a character constructor

    Of course not there's a full character created more in depth than oblivions. These screens are of characters the press made in a recent hands on

    Races look real good. Agree with previous posts, Khajit looks much better than Morrowind/Oblivion.

    Hope the world of Skyrim is as big (bigger?) as Oblivions. Spent 80+hrs in Oblivion without getting passed the first Quest of the main storyline. ;)

    Damned if I know how I'll find the time to play this or even if my lappy will be able to run it but I'm buying it anyway =D

    Would of been nice if the writer had said that he go all these screens from the posts on the BSG offical forums and and actually named which jurnos at quakecon made which.

    I still think the Argonians look the most badass. That's what I'll be playing as. Although the Dark Elf look good too

    Still yet to see a picture of the new High Elves

      Do we know if the High Elves will be in the game, though? At this late in the game, you would think they would be ready for viewing. Do we need a third Elf? If the Wood Elves are tall now, that means all the High Elves can add is Simpsons skin.

    I have a feeling this game may contain persistent scarring similar to Fable...I cannot wait for this game, so having the weekend of when it comes out!

    I'm really liking the beast races in Skyrim now. I dabbled a little in Morrowind and Oblivion, but always found them a bit dull.

    Hopefully the skill system doesn't leave them feeling too munted like they did in Oblivion (Argonians really didnt have much going for them)

    It's crazy how much i'm looking forward to playing an Orc. I'm pretty vain when it comes to character creation (I must have spent a few hours trying to get my toons halfway decent in oblivion) so i'm super happy that my race of choice looks less derpy!

    Also...Wood Elves as pale midgets? Pass.
    Wood Elves as Celtic Baddasses! Yes! Must...get...SKYRIM!

    I didn't play Oblivion but man those animal-face models look goddamn hilarious, and not in a good way.

    The breasted lizard female and leopard-with-a-sword. Ahahahahah.

      The Leopard has an Axe.

    There's a part of me that wishes I had never discovered TES games, they suck me into their worlds and in turn destroy every inch of my social life. I will try to resist getting this, but I know deep down that I'll be there on day 1 handing over my cash. Damn you Bethseda.

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