These Aren't Just Cosplay Photos. They're Portraits.

Photographer Mike Kowalek loves taking pictures, whether that be birds, bridges, you name it. But it's his cosplay photos that got him on Kotaku.

He doesn't just take photos, but proper portraits of folks who don costumes, who deserve way more than simple convention snaps.

Check out more of his work on his site.


    Nice nail polish, Alice.

    Also is that an SMB Movie Yoshi near the end there? :o

      I thought it was Old Lace from Marvel comics

        Oh god a Runaways fan!!

    Why do I like the pyramid head one the best?

    women need to stop cosplaying as link, they are only confusing me further...

      They really need to keep doing it.

    <3 the Jack Skellington / Sally cosplay

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