These Catherine Zippos Are Smokin'

Can't get enough of the titillating title character of Catherine? Now Zippo is releasing Catherine and Katherine-themed lighters to really light your fire. I mean, get you hot. Erm, that is, they light up your night. Sorry, it's too easy to make bad puns with this one.

They're only for Japan for now, and currently can be pre-ordered from importers for ¥9500 (about $112). Just don't use them to smoke, kids!

Catherine Zippo Lighters! [8bitfix]

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    Hmmm.... well if anyone is curious I can certainly vouch for Great packaging and shipping options. Used them many times in the past. Usually my go to place for figures.

    Well, was going to purchase until I saw the price.

    I acknowledge that they are good value for a collector, but not a family man.

    For a game that, as of now, isnt going to be released here, seems to be gettin some good international coverage and attention.

      And God knows why, it just seems like your typical Japanese wank material poorly disguised with a thin plot and random gameplay elements.

    Why they have picture of Chris Holmes hahah

    Usually only buy Carved ones, the printed just wear off.

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