These Gaming Glasses Have Modern Warfare 3 Written All Over Them

These Gaming Glasses Have Modern Warfare 3 Written All Over Them

Modern Warfare 3 is going to sell millions of copies when it hits gaming retailers this November, and those millions of players are going to need quality gaming eyewear.

Or at least that’s how gaming glasses maker Gunnar Optiks sees the world, and they’re prepared for those lens-craving gamers with the limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gaming Eyewear. They’re fashionable. They’re sexy. They minimise eye fatigue, reduce glare, improve focus, and sharpen detail. Hell, they’re amber-tinted. You see someone wearing amber tinted glasses, you know shit’s about to go down.

They’ve even got the Modern Warfare 3 logo stamped on them, letting everyone know that you’re a video game player that had at least $US99 laying around at some point (prescription solutions are available as well, but the price is likely much higher).

Each pair comes with its own carrying case, and a pouch to carry said carrying case. You can place the pouch inside a padded briefcase for even more unpacking fun, though Gunnar doesn’t sell an official model yet.

It’s all up to you. Are you a serious Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players, or are you not dedicated enough to make sure your eyes are at their best? When the folks that did buy glasses are wiping the maps with your corpse, don’t go running to Gunnar.





    • I suppose you think all the articles about console prices, new controllers and other accessories are ads too?

      • No, just the articles that promote whats obviously a useless and complete waste of money designed to appeal to people with no common sense. Finding out Big W has PS3’s for under $300 is useful information.

        Finding out Activision are flogging douchetastic glasses for $99 with a CoD sticker on them isn’t useful to anyone.

  • I’m holding out for the CoD3 dicksock.
    Keep your meat and two veg snug as a general in a rear echelon with one of those woolly wang waistcoats. Now with CoD3, how can you lose. =D

    • You mean you haven’t got yours yet? I’ve had mine for a while now and wear it to work every day along with my black ops glasses, toe socks and MW2 extreme precision focus crocs.

  • Don’t they release sunnies with every CoD game nowadays? i recall JB had a deal close towards BLOPS where you get a free pair of MW2 sunnies, and kotaku reported last year BLOPS sunnies too

  • How about an ergonomic gamers seat where you’re bent over arse up so Activision has an easier time sticking its crap down your a-hole.

  • It’s hilarious that some people think this will help them outplay everyone else.
    And you totally won’t look like a ginormagantuan fool wearing game-branded glasses.

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