These PSN Games Just Got Release Dates

As excited as you can get for a game, all the trailers, screens and hype in the world don’t mean a thing unless you have a release date — a day you can look forward to actually playing said game. I don’t know if you were looking forward to any of these titles published by Sony Online Entertainment, but at least they have release dates. And trailers!

Trailers are fun. And you didn’t even have to stage a protest to get them.

2D platformers are all the rage. And this one is… IN SPACE!!! It’s supposed to be funny, but I would never, ever break out the old “A flat miner” joke if I were trying to impress someone with my wit. The floaty parts with screwy gravity look fun though, and there is a chance that it might actually be funny. Who knows? I’ll find out when you do, when it’s released September 27th for $US9.99. Unless of course I don’t, because I’ve played it beforehand. In that case I’ll be sure to tell you all about what you have to look forward to. Or hide from.

Payday: The Heist
If you play your cards right, you could get this game for free when it releases on October 4th. If not, then you’ll have to pay $19.99. Free is a great price for a game. It’s kind of like stealing. But legal. Unlike what you’ll be doing in Payday, which is exactly like stealing, and the illegal kind too. So I guess I should tell you not to steal things, or I might get sued or something.

Sideway: New York
I take my job as a Video Game Journalist very seriously. I’m constantly aware of my responsibility to you, Dear Reader — to inform you in an objective manner that removes myself from the topic at hand and tells you why something is or isn’t worth your time in a manner that’s succinct and clinically precise. With that said, HOLY CRAP DOES THIS LOOK COOL I WANT TO PLAY IT NOW. I would totally shell out the $US9.99 this will cost on October 11th — but only so I could inform you all about it, of course. Don’t let that influence you, or anything.

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