They've Taken Twister And Made It Not Twister

Yesterday when I posted the news that Majesco was bringing the classic full-body board game Twister to the Xbox 360 Kinect, I figured it would at least maintain some resemblance of the original product. Then came the first screens for Twister Mania.

Featuring three game modes with over 16 variations and more than 1800 shapes, Twister Mania challenges up to eight players to fill-in-shapes, match silhouettes, and known down blocks. That's not Twister. There is definitely twisting involved, but what's being shown and described sounds more like the family game show Hole in the Wall than anything I played as a kid.

"It's hard to think of a more popular, cherished and culturally significant board game than Twister. I myself have fond memories of the laughs and outrageous fun I've had when playing with friends and family," said Jesse Sutton, CEO, Majesco Entertainment. "Our game introduces a brand new play pattern that is perfect for what Kinect was designed to do. Twister Mania for Kinect is as much fun to watch as it is to play and it's shaping up to be one of the most contagious Kinect party games released."

So they've taken a cherished, culturally significant board game and introduced a brand new play pattern to it? They've taken the name and changed the game is what they've done. I guess that's where the Mania part comes in.


    still haven't seen a single instance of even vaguely decent gameplay from the kinect. are people actually buying this thing?

      I think Kinect is having SOLELY for the voice control of Netflix and Zune :)

    It's like Hole In The Wall, but in your home!

      Isn't there already an official Hole In The Wall game for Kinect, though?

        lol... so there is!

          Or you could buy Muscle march on wii, it's a similar concept, based on the Japanese game, where hole in the wall originated from.

    Child of Eden is worth the price of a Kinect on its own. Seriously.

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