This Trailer Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Precise Same Time

What the hell did I just watch. What is this game. Why does it exist? I'm confused - this trailer for Champion Jockey is either the greatest or the worst video game trailer I have ever seen in my life. I'm in tears right now - and I'm still not sure whether they're tears of hilarity or despair!

This game is also coming out on Kinect, which features an equally insane trailer.

I don't want to live in this world anymore.

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    Oh god.

    Definitely tears of hilarity. His intensity at 0:58. It's ridiculous. HAHAHA

    So apparently it wasn't Nintendo's fault there were so many junk motion control titles...

    He won my heart. So much enthusiasm.
    So much grace.

    I hope they don't think all the links and views their video gets are going to imply people will BUY it, so much as point and laugh.

    The most fun you can have with a woman with 2 sticks in her hand.

    He is sooooo intense


    This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen. Especially the 2 player part.

      Also, the Kinect one is funnier, because they aren't holding anything.

    Played a similar game at timezone once... we ended up getting off the game about a minute in, we just felt (and probably looked) like idiots!! lol

      I know exactly what game you're talking about - played it at Galactic Circus.

        Final Furlong, bloody game has you sweating like a pig by the end of it.

        Final Furlong. Some sizable friends of ours played that, and the results were youtube'd and became a running joke for some time. Naturally when I was down there, we had to have a go. Great fun :P

          haha yeah thats the one!! Dam thing nearly did my back in lol

      Should have tried Armadillo racing then.

    Up and down, back and forth, faster. faster......

    This is either the most majestic and most amazing thing I've ever seen, or the worst and most laughable thing I've ever seen. It's so hard to tell.

    Wait till you see the motion controls for mass consumptiom of diuretics and cocaine ;)

    This needs a Lord of the Rings: Riders of Rohan edition.

    Apparently there are some quite deep RPG elements for your jockey character as well. You need to take a bunch of laxatives then take your PS Eye into the toilet, then you need to take the Move controllers with you into a sauna to get down to riding weight.

    I hate to be the guy that points it out but the first two sentences in this article are questions and they don't end with question marks. Oddly, the third sentence is also a question yet t has a question mark.

      I think it was a deliberate thing to get Mark's tone across better. You don't really hear people say "What the hell was that?" like a question.

    I thought I was watching a cut-scene from The Sims!

    It looks like the type of game that could really get a party started. A lame party

    Hey, a game trailer crap enough to rival what I saw of Michael Phelps' Push The Limit.

    In all seriousness for a game on that powerful a system, it appears to lack the thundering of hooves, and any of the intensity of horse racing. Very weak indeed.

    I thought I was done laughing when he finished the race.

    But then the '2 Player Split Screen' started and I completely lost it to the point of tears.

    Does he really want to be doing that in public?

    LOL too funny, surely this will 'go viral' and revamped!!!

    Some of the comments on you tube talk about this being for casual gamers, i would have thought its more hardcore gamers would play this, at least niche gamers...

    To anyone else working at Kotaku AU, change Mr Serrels' ring tone

    Casual gamers, looking like idiots any day of the week.

    Yeah, it lost the credibility (sic) when he mouthed the words "I LOVE this game" at the camera. I'm glad they left the audio of that out.

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