This Crysis 2 Mod Looks Just A Little Bit Incredible…

This Crysis 2 Mod Looks Just A Little Bit Incredible…

Crysis 2 looks good now that it’s had its little DirectX 11 patch – right? Wrong. Blackfire’s Mod 2, is a Crysis 2 mod custom designed to make your tearducts leak and your nostrils flare with a strange and intense visual fervour. It looks just a little bit incredible

It features some incredible new texture work and vastly improved lighting. Head here for all the details on how to install the mod.

BlackFire’s Mod 2 [Crymod]


  • The contrast seems a little high in some places, and there seem to be a few bugs with the textures/shadows, but it does look spectacular. If I didn’t have such a crappy internet connection I’d be downloading the mod right now.

    • Yes, I particularly liked the part in Crysis 2 where you have to get the yellow key to open the yellow door, BUT, theres a twist! Its behind the blue door!

  • This mod has a few problems, and really isn’t compatible with the DX11 stuff. Don’t get me wrong, the textures are a significant improvement over the original, but the lack of tessellation (not a deal breaker for most, I’ll admit), combined with the disregard for some of the more advanced features (so far I could tell, there were no partical shadows, and based upon the screens, it was lacking the “variable penumbra” in shadows) don’t really scream “download me.” Yet. Give it another few months, then someone will release something to melt every GPU on the planet…

  • Another crysis mod you might want to check out is:

    Mech Warrior: Living Legends.

    It may not be as photorealistic as this but it certainly fills the void of a proper mechwarrior game.

  • yea some of it looks awesome, other parts not so much. The sharper shadows make it look older. Real shadows aren’t sharp like the ones this guy’s added to his mod.
    Plus some of the sections look like someone pushed the contrast on the LCD screen to 100. Bright colours and blackness!!
    I prefer the original look of the lighthouse island for example.

  • my computer runs regular crysis 2 with good frame rate on its medium graphics, but i think this mod will make my computer shit itself….sideways

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