This Fallout Web Series Is Pretty Damn Good

This Fallout Web Series Is Pretty Damn Good
Nuka Break was a surprisingly great short film based on the Fallout universe, released earlier this year. It was so great, in fact, that the film’s producers got enough cash together to go and make an entire series. And here’s the first episode.

It’s called Fallout: Nuka Break The Series (catchy!), and continues the adventures of a Vault survivor, his Ghoul pal Ben and a former slave across the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the nuclear-ravaged future.

New episodes will be released every second Monday. In addition to the returning cast from the short film, they’ve managed to rope in Guillermo Del Toro favourite Doug Jones (Abe Sapien in Hellboy, creepy eyeball guy in Pan’s Labyrinth) to guest star as well.


  • Seconded Nic, I cant tell you how many times I watched Nuka Break, or how many time my friends got sick of me trying to get them to watch it.

  • Meh. Bad acting and lame story. I absolutely adore Fallout – but this is crap. Sorry. The props are the only cool thing about this.

  • Good for a laugh, but I don’t think it really matches Fallout. More a comedy based on Fallout. I’d expect a series based in a post-apocalyptic wasteland to be a little more serious.

  • Since Fallout had a comedic (albeit bleak)element to nearly every encounter in the script and it was based on some very dark comedy, I find all the ‘too much comedy’ comments a bit strange.

    Go watch “A Boy and His Dog.” It’s more or less the blueprint for Fallout and it gets to “Waiting for Godot” levels of absurdity by the end.

    Dark comedy is really very strong human condition stuff. Just because it makes you feel bad for laughing, doesn’t mean it isn’t comedy. It just means it’s good comedy. We don’t see much of that anymore.

  • Anyone complaining about it being ‘too comedic’ should try and play the first two games in the series.

    • “Anyone who doesn’t agree with me surely isn’t a fan!”

      This isn’t dark comedy at all, it’s just sub-par comedy with a Wasteland theme.

    • The original Fallout wasn’t particularly comical, there was some humour but it was very dark.

      Fallout 2 was the game with the ridiculously over the top goofiness, something many fans dislike about it and even the devs aren’t that happy about some of those features in retrospect. It’s the reason most of the goofiness of New Vegas (which was made by many F2 and Van Buren devs) has been relegated to a trait.

      In any case, this series is more light slapstick comedy than dark or referential comedy.

      I like it so far, but nothing really happened in the episode- they wandered around and fought one band of raiders (aka what they did last time)- I’d be disappointed if they kept this pattern and next ep they went to Primm and had a bathroom break.

  • Do like – very professionally done and reminds me of a slightly more lighthearted version of Firefly… this is a good thing

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