This German Booth Babe Is Judging You

Well, maybe not you, but judging somebody. And it's not just a Gamescom booth companion that's doing the judging, but a news lady and a news announcer. How mean!

This clip, which follows some of Gamescom's more colourful characters, originally appeared on Germany's RTL Television. I've been told the translation isn't that great, but it gets the job done.

Some are complaining that the segment is insulting towards gamers, but I think it underscores the notion that if you are going to judge people, do it quietly.


    Wow. Just, wow. That comes across as pretty bile-filled.

    So the booth babe that's showing the reporter around - she's really representing her employer well, isn't she?

    Well she can also be judged, as we are all

    and I thought local news here in the US was a waste of humanity... what was the point of sending a film crew out to do this story?

    Seems like it backfired on them though... Ultimately they come off as being petty and utterly shallow. I can't imagine the reporter put the story together and watched the segment and thought "Yes, this is what I want to submit for airing."

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