This iPhone Game Makes Horse Armor Look Like A Great Deal

This iPhone Game Makes Horse Armor Look Like A Great Deal
Glu Mobile has a game on the iPhone called Gun Bros. It’s an arcade shooter, I’ve played it, it’s pretty fun. It’s also, sadly, one of a litany of games that are free to download then gimped so you have to pay/play for weeks for the upgrades necessary to advance.

Which is fine if you like that kind of business model! And if you do like it, maybe you’ll be stupid enough to buy The Kraken, a powerful in-game weapon.

For $US500.

That’s $US500 in real dollars.

What’s best/worst is that the gun used to cost $US200. Before Glu kicked it up a notch.

The world is full of idiots. We should use games like this to help us find them, and somehow punish them. Starting with the kid in the video above.

Glu Adds $US500 Unlockable Gun to ‘Gun Bros’ [Touch Arcade]


  • The kid used a glitch to get the points to buy the gun (judging from the youtube comments…).

    But yeah, where’s the fun in buying a $500 gun that lets you just sit in the corner and win?

  • That’s a LOT of money, especially for something that seems to, as mark said, be an “I win” button.

    The kid mentions that you don’t even have to aim it or stop shooting. That seems like a lot of money to pay to stop your game being enjoyable!

  • I see it as a worthwhile experiment on their part.
    They spend a little effort to make a ridiculous gun that doesn’t really belong in the game, and chuck a ridiculous price on it just to see if anyone would actually buy it.
    From the look of the gun, it’s really not intended for normal use, they don’t expect people to buy it.
    but if someone does buy it? If someone is rich/silly enough not to care about the item, and actually buys that thing?
    Boom, pure profit. One sale will more than pay for whatever time and effort they spent making it available in the first place.
    Personally I hate that kind of business model in the first place, but I don’t see the problem with adding something ridiculous and over-the-top.
    It’ll get plenty of laughs and on the off chance it actually sells the makers will get a laugh of their own

  • I knew this game was one of those ‘free’ to play games with microtransactions up the wazoo the first time I booted it up. Surprising production values for a free game, but suspiciously gimped grind times.

    Can’t believe someone would pay $500 to play a God Mode MOBILE game.

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