This Is A Very Large Controller

This past spring, Japanese peripheral maker Hori said it would make a specialised Miku Hatsune rhythm game controller if enough people pre-ordered it. Enough people did, and Hori made the controller. And it's huge.

Just look at it! The controller isn't exactly something you'd want to lug over to a friend's house. Heck, even carrying it from one room of your house to the next seems like a chore. The controller is actually around 2.2 feet by 1.4 feet and looks even more enormous when placed in a small Japanese apartment, next to a little electric fan.

The controller is officially called the "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy theatre 2nd Dedicated Controller". It costs the equivalent of around US$360. Big money for a big controller.


    Final Fantasy games are perfect for that controller.

    Highly suitable for Bishi Bashi Special and Bishi Bashi 3

    Since i missed out on the pre-order on account my stupid-car-needed-fixing-hence-no-cash event...

    Is it still possible to order one? xD

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