This Is Definitely The First Real DOTA 2 Trailer

Were those real DOTA 2 screenshots we saw earlier today? Maybe. Is this a real trailer for the game, released by Valve today? Definitely.

DOTA 2: Valve's most Blizzardy game ever?

The game will make its public debut at Gamescom 2011 in Germany this week as part of a 16-player $1 million tournament called The International. Valve says the tournament will be "broadcast" in four languages (English, German, Russian and Chinese) "free of charge." The game will be out on PC and Mac this year. Interesting choice of languages.... it illuminates where and how they want this game to hit.


    GWOOOO! *pulls collar

    KEEN! :D :D :D :D

    Is it just me, or did the graphics in that trailer look really "blocky"? Especially the dragons!

      Looks like it's using ingame graphics for the cutscene, rather than something pre-rendered.

    That was incredibly uninspiring for me personally. I would have expected more. It's a definite art style, but it wasn't very exciting.

    Having grown accustom to Dota/HoN, that trailer just didn't do it for me.

    The trailer looks like League of Legends Season One trailer.....

    Eww, Booby Kotick is in this game.

    As soon as I heard the voice of that fat guy, all I could think of was:


    Seems like I agree with most here.
    It's just not living up to expectations.

    Im pretty sure this game will be the TF2 of MOBA's have a large userbase, of casuals.

    It sure looks as if thats what the devs are aiming for.

    Is that Father Grigori?

    Looks great. Can't wait for this to come out. Never played the original but I'm definitely interested in this

    This was actually kinda...blehh. Especially the sound effects of the arrows.

    Out of all the Dota games, this is the one I'll get, as I didn't like LoL, but I may be making a bad decision....

    I just think Valve will market it better, and it'll win in the long run.

    AMAZING! What does a hero truly need?

    FUARKKKKKKKKKKKKK going to play dota now laters.

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