This Is Easily The Single Worst Piece Of Marketing At PAX

If you visited any of the restrooms at PAX (well, the Men's rooms anyway. I don't know about the ladies' rooms. I could have checked, but… er, anyway). If you visited any of the men's rooms at PAX, you probably saw this Prototype 2 sticker on the inside of the stalls and stuck above the urinals. At first glance, it's good for a chuckle—poop is funny!

But then you think about it. Hey Activision, what exactly are you saying about your game here?


    Time to play the sad trombone music, methinks.

    I guess they realized that putting zero effort in is why Prototype was pretty much just a poor mans Infamous.

      Except prototype was awesome fun and evolved a whole lot smoother in game play than infamous :S

      Oh you mean infamous that game where you have all those awesome powers but are easily defeated by a simple chainlink fence? Yeah, great game (for Sony fanbois)

    This suggests that missile launcher/supersoldier stunlocking might just survive after all...

    Did they seriously just describe their own game as shit?

    This article needed a pic for the rest of us.

    Wait, I take that back.

    I don't need to see that. o.O

    Hamilton, don't go into the ladies' room. It makes UNATCO look bad.

    Saying sorry for what they created last time is actually sensible marketing.
    Just like when Coca Cola Australia made that add where they collected all the old cans of Mother and dumped them at a the tip and apologised for it, then announced the new recipe.

    Its not a new trick- but a good one.

    People are talking about it it is on multiple gaming blogs and aggregation sites.

    = Good marketing.

    That said though I'm not sure why they are comparing their game to shit though.

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