This Is Either Art From Bungie's Next Game Or Clever Misdirection

Earlier today we showed you the one-hour documentary celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bungie Studios. It ended with a curiosity.

You want to go the the 53:30 mark in the documentary to see these some powerlines and a windmill set up in a desert near some mountains. Signs of the new mystery franchise/universe/game that Bungie is making for Activision after a decade of making Halo games?

The imagery appears as members of Bungie talk about their next game, say things like "We want to build a universe where any crazy [expletive bleeped]can happen" and call their game Tiger. Tiger is the code-name one of our insiders used to refer to the game while describing it as a massively multiplayer first-person game.

The Bungie documentary doesn't confirm that the art is from the new game (nor could a Bungie spokesperson contacted by Kotaku), so we're left to wonder. Have we seen our first glimpse of Bungie's next big thing?


    Assumnig it is an MMOFPS of sorts, I'm still personally leaning towards it being a persistent-world online shooter than "WoW in Space" as described previously... but that's me hoping more than anything else. I hate MMOs and Borderlands was as far in that direction as I was willing to go.

    Reminds me of Borderlands for some reason

      It does have that dystopian future and arid wasteland look to it. Honestly I think you could do a lot worse than a Borderlands style MMO however it isn't very original, so we will have to wait and see.

      Maybe then they can do Oni 2?

    Remember Huxley? What ever happened to that game? Did it ever make it out of Korea?

    You guys are retarded. Watch the end of the vidoc so you can actually see the FOOTAGE of the game. Its just to give you an idea of the scale of their next game. And don't start saying its a borderlands copy just because of a rusty windmill...

    actually this feels more like myst to me. riven to be exact

    Rusty landscape then *BLAM* you see the marathon come crashing down ( I WISH!)

    They keep using the

    "See you Starside"

    Slogan and anyone who's a fan of Marathon/Bungie would know it's from Marathon possibly a hint??

    This one is hopeful

      I thought that too, but looking back at Bungie's history with franchises... you see a lot of cross-pollination and overlap between all the IPs... Marathon started with a referance to Pathways and Halo is riddled with referances to Marathon and possibly "Oni" if you wanted to reach a little...

      So using that phrase, or maybe even more, from a past franchise in a new and 'unrelated' IP would be pretty much 'par for the course' for a Bungie game :-P

      Though that's not to say that I wouldn't *LIKE* a new Marathon series ;-)

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