This Is How Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Does Mary Jane

Clark Kent's Kryptonian cousin Laura Vandervoort crosses the DC/Marvel line this October in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, trading her Supergirl undies for the damsel-in-distress role of Mary Jane Watson.

It's nice to see Laura cast as a more down-to-earth character for once. The problem with possessing otherworldly beautiful is you soon get typecast as sexy aliens. She's been Kara from television's Smallville and Lisa, the daughter of the alien leader in the rebooted V. Now she's just the girl-next-door, ready to be saved by Spider-Man no matter which incarnation answers her panicked cries.


    "Doing Mary-Jane" is normally a drug reference in pop culture.

    Why does MJ look so middle-aged in the game?

    Is anyone else getting a "we don't have any impressive gameplay to show you, but we do have Laura Vandervoort" kinda vibe?

    Wake me when there's a video of Katee Sackhoff dressed as Black Cat.

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