This Is Sony's Newer, Cheaper PSP As Seen At Gamescom

Sony has a new PlayStation Portable. Budget priced at €99 (and currently only for Europe), the PSP E-1000 does what every other PSP does -- it just doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi. And it's matte! See?

The PSP E-1000 is on display at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's big, beach-themed booth, a handheld almost completely free of greasy fingerprints. That may be the most exciting thing about Sony's latest iteration of the six-year-old platform. It's lighter (but slightly larger), shuffles a few hardware features around and has traded its below-screen buttons for a single, touch-sensitive strip.

See some of the other changes coming to the entry level PSP below.


    Wouldn't mind it, if only it had Wi-Fi.

    Is this the one without wi-fi?

      From the first line in the article:

      > the PSP E-1000 does what every other PSP does — it just doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi. And it’s matte! See?

    It actually does look like a dodgy cheap knock off... Don't like the UMD tray, how the whole back opens up.

    Love the Matte finish though!

    I'm guessing that Sony made this model so they can clear out their stockpile of PSP parts to make room for the Vita.

    So do you have to hook it up to a PS3 to buy stuff on the PSN store?

      No, you can use media go on the PC.

    Just a question to the people of Australia,

    How hard is it to find PSP Hardware/Software where you are?

    Because considering that the PSP range is damn near non existent where I am (Tasmania)I can't see a release of a new PSP console down here being a smart business move (even if it is a budget model)

    However this is all assuming Sony will eventually intend to sell it outside Europe

      I take it you're asking about off the shelf stock?

      There are no problems buying psp harware or software in sydney.

      Maybe less so in regards to umds, but that generaly happens when old hardware is replaced.

      However second had retailers and web sites have an abundance of second hand psp peripherals.


    The cheaper psp vita has a umd drive?!

      Are you serious man? Is that an honest question?

        No, he's just failing to be funny.

        No, it was actualy an invitation for you to come and dance with me in drag clothing.

    Thats one ugly PSP...

    didn't realise sony walkmans were coming back in style....oh wait

    it's ALMOST

    Can someone show the other side of the UMD/open side. I'm interested to see what they've done there...

    Probably the ugliest product Sony has ever made with the exception of some cell-phones.

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