This Is The Helmet You Are Looking For

R2-D2, the helmet. Created by Philadelphia-based artist and illustrator Jenn, this a do-it-yourself original. The force is strong with this one.

Jenn "sand-papered the crap" out of an old helmet, painted it, added the extra bit, and added a ton of clear coating.

"Initially, it was the ugly duckling of helmets," Jenn told website Geekadelphia. "It looked pretty jacked up before I did my fairy godmother thing to it. It was an odd, dark maroon colour and it had been used as a rental helmet, so it had sustained damage over time. Long story short, I did a lot of spray painting and clear coating."

You can read Jenn's making of right here, if you like!

The helmet's even perfect for parties. It's probably perfect for just about anything.

(Top photo:

R2-D2 Bike Helmet [Fresh Air via The Mary Sue via Geekadelphia via Neatorama via Technabob]


    That black dude in the last one is totally checking her out.

      He could be checking out the dude....

    This is the old you're looking for.

    Hey Brian, stop stealing all your articles from geekologie. Better yet, quit your job. You're contaminating Kotaku with your crap.

      agreed, what is with all this irrelevant bs?

    The fact that she's a very cute redhead and made an r2 helmet is enough for me :-D

    What helmet?

      I didn't see any helmet at all..

        I saw a helmet but it wasn't on the computer screen... :o

    Man, I'd be surprised if Brian didn't feel depressed after all the shit people say to him in the comments. :/ feel kinda bad for the guy

      I'd be shocked if he's actually getting a cheque from Kotaku each month. His posts are erratic at best, and simply irrelevant 99% of the time.

        99% percent of the time? The best his posts manage is "Erratic"?

        I think saying 99% of internet criticism is erratic would be a truer statement.

        I thought this article was cool, and if it bothers you that much, then I sincerely hope that something cheerful happens to you that brightens things up =)

    This is all well and good but what she's really saying is she's riding around town wearing a helmet that has seen years of misuse as a rental and then been sandpapered to the nth degree and also happens to have an LED-tipped appendage that would probably not stand up to impact very well... So she'd probably be better off if she were wearing a baseball cap if she were ever in an accident :-P

    This is why I'm no fun at parties.

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