This Is What Battlefield 3 Will Look Like On An IPhone

EA and DICE's Battlefield 3 is drawing huge crowds at Gamescom this week, with waits of up to three hours to get hands-on time with the first-person shooter's multiplayer mode. If only the iPhone version were out to help the Germans pass that time.

This Battlefield 3: Aftershock, the version of the military shooter bound for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Obviously, the mobile multiplayer spin on Battlefield 3 isn't as visually impressive as its PC and console counterpart, but maybe it'll do in a pinch?

EA Mobile's Battlefield 3 doesn't have a firm release date, but it does have Origin integration, multiplayer and some single-player challenges—just no campaign. Sure, Aftershock could use a little proofreading and it's nigh impossible for a mobile game to live up to the game's graphics on the PC, but maybe it'll be a great time waster.

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        lol 'caps attack'

    This looks so much better graphically than Wii/3DS... if maybe apple would introduce a dock with buttons for gaming, they'd finally be able to compete directly with Nintendo/Sony in the portable gaming department.

      Good graphics come at a price on tablets and smartphones, normally by the way of low fps, and things being more of an interactive cutscene nature than actual gameplay.

        and don't forget the battery life being reduced to that of a gherkin

    looks good, but shooters are terrible on iphone. they need an add on with control sticks.

    quite impressive on ipod terms, though majority of games suck on the iphone, since the screen is tiny, and touch screen contols arent always so accurate.

    It's funny because it looks better than CoD on a fucking iPhone.



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