This Is Why House Of The Dead: OverKill – Extended Cut Was Refused Classification

This Is Why House Of The Dead: OverKill – Extended Cut Was Refused Classification

We’ve just received a copy of the Classification Board’s report on House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut, which provides the precise reasons why the game was refused classification in Australia.

It’s a particularly strange decision, considering the fact that the original Wii version was released as MA15+ without incident, but the Classification Board’s issue is with a new ‘Hardcore mode’ which has been added to the game.

“The “Hardcore” game mode allows players to play in a manner that exceeds strong in impact,” claims the report, “engaging a headshot-only mode which results in frequent, detailed blood and gore as the zombies and mutants [sic]heads explode into bloody pieces that spread around the environment and onto the screen. The game also contains an “Extra mutants mode” which increases the amount of mutants the player must kill to proceed, resulting in an increased intensity and frequency of violence. In addition the game contains a baby mutant that jumps onto the screen and explodes into bloody chunks when killed.”

SEGA Australia has already announced that it will be resubmitting the game for classification in the near future.

“There are far worse titles currently available in the marketplace which involve more than shooting down mutants in humorous circumstances,” claimed Managing Director Darren Macbeth We will do everything we can to prove that House of the Dead: Overkill is worthy of an MA15+ rating in Australia.”


  • Dead Space had mutant baby creatures that jumped at you. As for the Extra mutants mode, that was also on the Wii version of Overkill.

    • SHHHHH, don’t tell them about DeadSpace, or they’ll recall it.

      Don’t tell them about Dawn of the Dead either.

      Actually, try to just avoid mentioning Zombies in pop culture completely, and we should be safe.

  • If only the R-18 rating would be implemented much sooner, we wouldn’t be dealing with this crap! Honestly, I thought the agreement would result in less game bans.

  • “In addition the game contains a baby mutant that jumps onto the screen and explodes into bloody chunks when killed.”

    I had no interest in this game at all until that sentence.

  • SEGA would have more credibility if they just accepted the Classification Board’s ruling and said they looked forward to the introduction of the R18+ rating, instead of begging off that other titles are more violent or have stronger impact and it isn’t fair, waaah.

    That there are games currently on the market that should be rated R18+ is not in doubt. When the efforts to introduce the rating were in full swing, a rating which not only protects children, but informs parents and allows retailers and publishers alike to benefit monetarily, where were they?

    Oh that’s right… nowhere.

    Suck it up. Your own complacency is partially responsible for this event.

    Resubmit it when we’ve got an R18+ rating and stop crying “UNFAIR!”

      • It is a point, but when compared to other games that have been approved, such as DeadSpace 1 and 2, Dead Island, Dead Rising 1 and 2, Left 4 Dead, House of the Dead 4, (there seems to be a constant theme here…) in the past and remain uncensored and have in most cases, some severe gore, one has to wonder where the consistency actually is? Why does this game, above the others, actually deserve an R rating when they got an MA rating? A baby jumps at the screen? I killed zombie mutant baby monsters in Dead Space 2. Severe amounts of monsters killed with mucho viscera? My slicycle sure enjoyed that in Dead Rising 2… let’s not even go into the the fun you could have with bombs in that game.

        Consistency is key. Unfortunately, as is old news to us, we have none with our ratings board.

      • If Sega was a political advocacy group, it might be a valid complaint.

        But Sega is a corporation whose aim is to get the highest return on investment for the game possible. While the introduction date of an R18+ classification is unknown, it seems silly to expect publishers not to try and fit into one of the existing classifications.

        Unless they thought pushing the game through as MA15+ would hurt the brand, I’m not sure why you’d expect them not to do this.

        • True but they are a company directly affected by the legislation that people were trying to change and its not like its the first time they’ve had trouble from the classification board. It makes business sense to help out in that effort

          • I agree that advocacy is a good long term goal. I just don’t think leaving this game as RC is good for Sega in the short term, and trying to achieve a different classification is not particularly harmful.

            And as the game was developed by a third party, perhaps Sega has an obligation to make the best effort to get the game classified. Telling the developer “Sorry, but you won’t be seeing any royalties from Australia. On the bright side, this might improve the chances of selling other games we publish in the future (which you also won’t get royalties from because other people developed them)” won’t cut it.

    • I believe some combination of fines, criminal charges and suspension of license to operate.

      There are big spanks to retailers for not toeing the classification line.

  • “engaging a headshot-only mode which results in frequent, detailed blood and gore as the zombies and mutants [sic] heads explode into bloody pieces that spread around the environment and onto the screen”

    And they didn’t have a problem with this in Fallout 3? Even when it was modified and submitted again?

    • I wonder if the Classification Board took the time to shoot/hack up corpses in F3 or FN:V though….

      • You don’t even need to do that. If the hit is deemed critical, and you aimed at the head, it explodes.

        The chances are even increased by simply adding the “Bloody Mess” perk. Which one can get shortly after starting the game.

  • Wow, as if the legitimacy of the OFLC hadn’t taken enough of a beating; now we have this crapstorm.

    As above, Dead Space 2 had babies and the OFLC took no issue with it. Countless zombie games allow you to decapitate enemies with headshots, yet RE4 and RE5 are still on sale. Surely the OFLC can look at a game in context. Zombies are bad. For every zombie outbreak, there must be a violent zombie cull; baby zombies are not exempt from this statement.

  • Re: Hardcore Mode – Headshot only
    There are games in circulation that give in game bonuses for X amount of headshots

    Re: Extra Mutants Mode
    Does this mean that the game has similar levels of on screen enemies to Dead Rising 2? This just sounds like a regular Hoard Mode.

    Re: Baby Mutant
    As mentioned above Dead Space 2, but I’m sure I killed hundreds of the buggars in Dante’s Inferno also, they also let out a massive squeal as well.

    Re: Detailed Blood on screen
    This one I find really interesting, what about Modern Warfare & Medal Of Honor and their use of strawberry jam for blood? It’s okay for your own injuries to show and then magically heal themselves, but zombie/mutant blood is a no go.

    Re: Heads Explode and fly around the environment
    See Fallout 3/NV, which has wonderful slow motion effects also!

    I know I am picking and choosing, not comparing games they are completely similar, but the things that are getting picked up on, there are instances of these elements already in circulation. Perhaps it’s just too many ‘bad things’ in the one game.

    Just looking at the screenshot in the article, it just doesn’t look real to begin with, so it’s hard to fathom how the game can be taken so seriously.

    • In Dante’s Inferno the babies are ejaculated out of giant devil nipples.

      Still puzzled about our classification system.

  • Surprise surprise, Australia.bans another video game *sigh*

    I’ll.just import it as did with Mortal Kombat and the dozens of other games that the CB has.banned. $67 including Fedex shipping.for MK – why would I buy locally anyway?

    Its not like.Customs.are particularly concerned, they’ve never even checked any of my stuff let alone confiscated it.

    The.CB and the government in.general are irrelevant to those of us who obtain these games via other methods. R rating, I dont care anymore because i’ll play whatever I please.regardless.

    • I’ve ordered a dozen or so movies, CDs and DVDs from overseas in the last 6 months, and 2 of those items (both DVDs) were opened and inspected by customs.

      They put a sticker on the front saying they’ve inspected it, and then don’t even bother resealing the package, just throw it back in the mail with the end of the box/envelope wide open for the contents to fall out and be inspected by anyone who gets there hands on it.

  • Seriously, whats their beef with zombie games? I think someone on the board has zombie-phobia and is afraid of the coming Zday zombie apocalypse!

    • …or, the OFLC staff are ALL ZOMBIES and they’re either

      a) bitter about the offensive portrayal of necrosapiens.

      b) thwarting our daily training against they’re coming take over of the world.

      My god it makes so much sense you’d be crazy NOT to believe it.

  • ‘I’m sure I killed hundreds of the buggars in Dante’s Inferno also’

    They even had an achievement/trophy for that one… ‘bad nanny’

  • thanks for telling me about this awesome game OFLC, i’ll go out and buy the identical wii version now 🙂

  • So… they ban stuff like this and mortal kombat, but games like dead space and dante’s infernfo/god of war are fine?

    Sense. It makes none.

  • Lots of people are saying “Headshot only mode? That appears in game X! Baby zombies? Loog at game Y”

    Maybe it was the combination of all these elements in the ONE game that meant it got banned. For example, a game with drugs mightn’t be banned. A game with violence mightn’t be banned. But a game with drugs AND violence could be.

    I’m not supporting the ban, just trying to put some reason to it.

    • probably the same reason that dead rising 2 got approved, and dead rising 2: off the record won’t. inconsistency. also they clearly don’t play the games if they thought the original overkill wasn’t worthy of a coarse language sticker.

  • They’ll regret it when the Australian population hasn’t gotten their Zombie killing practice in and the zombie apocalypse finally happens…
    Zombies 2012

  • like it really matters. No serious gamers buy local products any more when you can import them for 1/3rd the price

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