This May Be The Best Quake Video Ever Made

It's been a while since I played Quake, and I was never that into it, but even I can appreciate this incredible vid from the Pubmasters.

It's a mixture of spontaneous hilarity, planned hilarity, and some incredible feats of skill.

Oh, and just ignore that first five seconds of the vid!


    Have to watch this when I get home. I was very young when I played Quake but I still hav fond memories of it. It was probably the first real 3D game I ever played. Recently watched the speed runs of the game on hardest difficulty, a lot of skill involved in those runs.

    Ok, well I might as well burn my keyboard here and now. I'll never be as good as these guys. That said, I do tend to play _new_ video games these days.

      _newb_video games :)

      QuakeWorld, Quake 3 / Live are still (imo) the best competitive fps games made to date.

        Amen to that. CSS, TF and CoD2 have changed the standard of competitive FPS from deathmatch to small team. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. Comp TF2 is one of the greatest things i've ever played, but I still miss the days when deathmatch was king.

        I really wish after RAGE, ID will stop pussyfooting around with iPhone bullshit and give us Quake 5 - a true successor to quake 3 (and lets just forget this quake IV nonsense)

    25 MINUTES?!! Where should I jump to for maximum hilarity? I'm at work haha

      Yep. I hope id do make another multiplayer only Quake. I've never had nearly as much fun, nor witnessed as much skill with "modern realism" type multiplayer games.

    mmm memories.. Still dont think it is as good as TF Done Extreme 2! they were some serious skills back in the day

    Woa... I used to be good with the rail rifle but I could NEVER do what he did with the rocketlaunchers O_O. This guy is a leading god.

    this is not as good as y7.avi

    (youtube mHo4l-qmGHI) - music's not that good, but its pretty crazy.

    Almost was a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU moment with the rick roll!

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