This Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Is Just Like Starting Over

Where the hell is Metal Gear Solid: Rising? Who the hell knows. Well, Konami knows. While you wait for the game's vital signs, feast your eyes on these photos.

Pictured in these photos is Metal Gear Solid cosplay queen Omi Gibson. Kotaku has done, perhaps, six hundred posts on Omi (and maybe two on this costume alone). But that's because she's so damn good at what she does. Blame her!

This latest batch of new photos, taken by her frequent collaborator Taka, are close-ups of an outfit the internet has seen before, but yet, the pics are fresh. And damn, they're also so good. The photos capture the vibe of Metal Gear Solid 4 in a way few cosplay snaps have or can.


    Yep thats nightmare fuel.

    whats the headpiece thing called, is it manufactured or a one off?

    So is she cosplaying as Old Snake in his Eastern European Civilian Disguise as he cosplays as Cyborg Raiden via FaceCamo?


    could have left out the controller in alot of those pics.

    breaks the fourth wall. keep cosplay as cosplay - within the world as it was intended.

    very very nice otherwise. amazing Raiden.

      I'm fairly certain she is using the controller. In mgs4 snake used a ps3 controller to control the mk.II

    More proof that only girls cosplay as raiden

    That last pic is going to have me waking in a cold sweat.

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