This New MMO Will Kill Every Damn Sasquatch In Space

One of the quiet hits of Gamescom so far has been Wildstar, a freshly unveiled MMO from NCsoft. While it won't be of much interest to anyone outside the world of MMOs, it does have a great art style, and its blending of fantasy and sci-fi design (along with BRIGHT COLOURS EVERYWHERE) making it very easy on the eye.

In this footage you can see one of the developers kill a lot of space sasquatches. Like, that's nearly all you're going to see: 2:30 of a man killing large animals. So at the very least, you'll get a good idea on how the game's combat works!


    LOL NCsoft gtfo no one be buying your trash again

    LOL. I love how there was an article smashing SWTOR down for not being revolutionary and then a post of this horse crap game from NCsoft, which look like it took the model design and animations straight from WoW and turned it into 'WoW in space'. Jesus christ who is paying you guys for your smear campaign against Bioware/EA?

      That "swear" article against TOR was that when you think Star Wars and when you think Bioware, you think amazing stories and amazing games - but so far all we have seen is a lackluster WoW clone in space.

      As to Wildstar, it never claims to be anything other than what it is. A fanciful space MMO riding the success of previous MMOs. In fact, that's all WoW did too.

        Just like WoW was a EQ clone right?

    I might check this game out, depends when it launches etc.

    I really want Guild Wars 2 and I'm still on the fence about Tera, then there is Blizzard's Titan project... so who knows if I'll even have time for another MMO.

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