This Post Will Ruin Your Breakfast

This Post Will Ruin Your Breakfast

Shoko Nakagawa, queen of Pok&eactue;mon and star of an upcoming Zelda commercial, gained fame a few years back for sticking her cat’s head in her mouth and smelling its butt. She has another unusual hobby.

Putting odd things (NSFW?) on her head.

During summer in Japan, the sound of cicadas is heard throughout the country. Nakagawa doesn’t just love cicadas (gotta catch ’em all!). She loves moulted cicada skins. She loves putting them in her hair. She loves taking stomach churning pictures of herself with a hair full of cicada shells.

More photos on Nakagawa’s blog — if you dare.

カリカリカリカリ [中川翔子 オフィシャルブログ]


  • Wow this is it, I’ve had enough, how long until Brian Ashcraft is removed and replaced by a writer who actually writes about you know, the thing the entire website is for, GAMING???

    He’s gone from posting about things that have a little bit of relevance to gaming, to a tiny bit of relevance to gaming, to posts which are absolutely ridiculous, pointless and have no relevance to gaming whatsoever.

    Can someone also please tell him to stop being such a weeaboo and get over Japan already?

    • He is pretty damn obsessed.

      WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH GAMING! Go make your own blog about wanting to live in Japan!

      • Isn’t Baschraft a founder of Kotaku with Crecente? Anyway he lives in Japan, is married to a Japanese lady and has two Japanese born kids. His role in Kotaku is Japan related gaming stories. Shoko Nakagawa is very game related.

        Why are you a reader of Kotaku if not for posts like this? Go read IGN or just skip Bashcraft stories.

    • Otaku (お宅 / おたく / オタク?) is a Japanese term originally used to refer to home.[1] In modern times, it is also used to refer to people who have an interest in activities that can be exercised at home, such as watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games.

      That is to say: Deal with it.

      • But we’re talking about Kotaku here, and although derived from the word Otaku, it has a very different meaning, as spelled out by the site itself – “The Gamer’s Guide”.

    • Soo.. If I go to the pub, I can only talk about beer?

      I enjoy the culture smash articles, even if they have nothing to do with gaming.

  • To be honest. Some random articles are great. Sure some are not, it’s hit and miss. A site like this you just read what you are interested in. So I have no problem with these articles. I have much more interest in random funnies from Japan than the next boring action shooter zombie game. Just saying!

  • My question is how is this stomach-churning? Weird certainly, but it is just insect husks, nothing wrong with em.

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