This Virtuoso Live-Action Team Fortress 2 Video Is The Best Fan Film You'll See All Month

Corridor Digital's video "Sentry Sabotage" explores very well known themes of treachery within Team Fortress 2 but it does so with unbelievable execution. I knew how this would end before I finished it the first time and I've already watched it a dozen times more.

I realise that headline's a bold claim, because we're not sure what Freddy Wong is up to. It looks like there will be a making-of video for this one coming soon. Meantime, go give Corridor Digital a Like on Facebook.

[h/t terryvongsouthi]


    Their videos are the best.

    That was awesome!

    OK that was rather awesome.

    Hahaha that was cool

    Most awesome. Now if only people were still that bad at spy checking as they used to be... :( Oh the fun I used to have

    I dont get it, what's an "Allstralian"?

    Still, it's a pretty badass video.

      An Allstralian accent is one that all Australians can understand clearly!

        hopefully that's what Microsoft are trying to implement with Kinect, otherwise voice support could be bumped back even further if they cater to all the regional dialects instead!

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