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The complete and utter dearth of new releases in the gaming sphere has meant that it has been a good month since I've written a 'This Week In Games' post. I almost considered skipping it this week as well, but... Deus Ex: Human Revolution is coming out this week and that's important dammit!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Sequel/Prequel to mega PC classic Deus Ex. Should you care? Early reviews are strong. I have a copy at home which I - shamefully - haven't played yet. But, yes, you should care. A lot.

Rugby World Cup 2011 (360/PS3) What is it? A rugby game, conveniently positioned for the Rugby World Cup upon which it's based! Should you care? Proper Rugby games are few and far between, so maybe yes?


    have preordered both of these. Can't say which I'm looking forward to more

      I would have held of on the Rugby WC game. Wallabies Rugby Challenge looks to have a better mechanic and deeper game modes.

    Wow.. that's already out this week?

    No wai?!

    I have DEHR sitting preloaded on my hard drive but the damned thing doesn't unlock for another 3 bloody days, such a tease...

      same, bought my copy from green man gaming for 30 dollars and they sent me a email saying that DEHR is ready to download and play, which got be exited but really it was preload. Also why do we have to wait an extra 2 days when its pc and we have already pre loaded?

        Because then digital distribution and PC gaming might actually out perform physical releases and consoles.

        Better to artificially constrain them so we don't have to change our old methods of distribution that are slowly becoming more and more irrelevant.

          It's not actually all that artificial - this approach lets people download the game over a few days with no expectation of being able to play. Far less intensive on the steam servers. Doesn't anyone else remember how annoyed people got about HL2?

            Preloads are a great approach to reduce server strain but this is staggered release dates for no reason other than to not give a superior distribution medium an edge over standard retail.

            To use an in-universe analogy, brick & mortar retail are the human purist protestors opposing the transhumanist augments

      The games unlocks 17:00 AEST tomorrow in the US... if only there was a way to make steam think you live in the US...

      I'll be playing my copy when I get home from work tomorrow :D

        Do simple proxies work for fooling steam into unlocking games or do you have to use a VPN? My interest is purely academic of course, as a network engineer I need to know about this sort of thing...

          My friend Bob tells me a VPN has worked wonders in the past.

            I too have a "friend" called Bob and he agrees with your "friend" Bob's statement.

      I'm in the same boat. Also, Steam glitched or something and all yesterday was telling me it unlocked on the 24th. Corrected to the 25th today. Also waiting for the Red Orchestra 2 beta to start...

    Mr Serrals you may gladly send your copy of Deus Ex my way if you're not using it. :P Can't wait for Thurs.

      ... and apologies. Mr *Serrels*

    Happy Deus Ex Week!

    I think you preview it for us Mark.. I even thought of your review title for you:

    "Does Adam Jensen dream of augmented sheep?"


    The first week in the lead up to crazy release schedule, AFAIK I do have Deus Ex pre-ordered somewhere, not sure which one either...

    Once I sort this out, I'll be sorting all my other pre-orders for the rest of the year!

    Deus Ex: HR is pre-loaded and ready to go. Rugby World Cup features almost exactly the same play mechanics and controller layout as Rugby 2006 which was an awesome game. Get on it!

    You have a copy of DX:HR and you haven't played it? Yeah, I'm gonna have to ask you to set outside...

      Can't play it. Steam has me locked out until the release date.

        Attilla was talking to Mark Serrels. I think a lot of us are shaking our heads at you, Mark!

          You're off the case McGarnical!

    Now I just have to play one more quick runthrough of the original Deus Ex...and then one more... and one more just to be sure...

      Got my original Deus Ex copy installed ready to play after HR. It's funny seeing the old game with DX10 features and New Vision installed. :P Got to love mods.

    Gonna preorder it at GAME. Still the best price out with a DLC included.

    I wonder if GAME is doing the same price for it in-store?

    Preordered my copy Deus Ex over the weekend, can't wait.

    Seems like RWC is already out... can buy it now

    So... any charitable retailers out there feel like breaking street date? 'Cause I'm jones-ing for DE:HR real bad right now...

    Don't waste your time on rugby wc. Wait for wallaby rugby challenge. It features many more play modes including a franchise mode.
    I'd actually be really interested in someone doing a head to head though.

      Played the demo of RWC and it's didn't excite me to play it... all the teams are licensed but AU and NZ, because the other Rugby game has them.

      Wallaby Rugby Challenge doesn't have much to beat, but on features alone is already in front.

    Eargerly awaiting that call from EB to tell me my collector's ed is in.

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