This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In GamesThe levee has broken, the floodgates are open. After a drought that had many — gasp — resorting to going through their piles of shame, it appears as though we finally have some new games to play. Last week we had Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and this week reveals some more new stuff for us to involuntarily shuffle towards. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES.

Bodycount (360/PS3) What is it? A new shooter from (some of) the developers of PS2 classic, Black. Should you care? I didn’t think much of the demo. All signs point to this being a little bit rubbish. Shame really, since I really loved the concept of it.

Driver Renegade (3DS) What is it? 3DS version of the its home console big brother/ Should you care? I was honestly barely aware of the existence of this game. I was too busy focusing on…

Diver: San Francisco (360/PS3/Wii/PC) What is it? The latest Driver, featuring a mental new mechanic that could make or break the series Should you care? You know, the single player didn’t blow my mind, but the multiplayer did. This could be a surprise break out game.

Madden NFL 2012 (360/PS3) What is it? Handegg. Should you care? This is a good game.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles (PC) What is it? This game that people are somehow still playing. Should you care? I don’t know, should you?

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) What is it? Solid JRPG for the Wii that’s out here but not in the US! Should you care? It’s either this or wait another couple of months for Zelda!


  • My money is safe for now. If Driver had wheel support for PC it’d be a different story.

    Now bring on 20th September. Gears of War 3 Epic Edition ftw!

  • I wouldn’t say the floodgates are open just yet, maybe cracked a little, a slight dribble has appeared.

    Mid september however, shits about to get wet.

  • Still playing through Deus EX: HR. Best game so far this year and I think it will last me until the ICO and SOTC remaster is released late September.

  • The demo of Driver put me off to be honest. The car handling just wasn’t as fun as the PS1 original, which is a pity because I was really looking forward to it. And that whole “shift” mechanic just felt really forced – didn’t like it at all.

    Also – isn’t Mark supposed to be on holidays?

  • I’ll wait. Got Deus Ex and it’s freakin fantastic. then there is Rage, Batman, Dark Souls, MGS remaster, gears 3, GT5 DLC, Assassins Creed… well you get the idea

  • First Madden I’ll be skipping in 10years…
    Got Deus Ex and that will tide me over until NBA2K12, Forza4, Batman AC and Skyrim.
    With the depth in these titles I can’t see me having free time until mid next year…

  • Driver multiplayer has been awesome. I have really enjoyed it. So much so i keep going back to the demo.

    the strategy involved really got my interest.

    For example, we were playing a game of tag and you bump other cars to be ‘it’ or whatever. So a dude was in front of me a bit and i saw a large truck with a ramp on the back of it. I thought he wouldn’t be this stoopid but he was. Just as he lined up to do a big jump, I shifted to drive the truck. He willingly drove up the ramp, which counted as contact and I was now ‘it’! As he was in mid air, I turned up a street and got away. Awesome fun.

    Doubt i’d pay full retail though. If I could get it for under $40 id get it for multiplayer only.

    I actually think that they should release this mode as a stand alone XBLA title and it would make a killing!!!!!

    • I watched Mr. Strange play the demo on PS3 and it looked pretty fun. He said he’ll definitely grab it when it comes down in price a bit.

  • got my pre-order for Driver collectors in on the weekend… can’t resist that model and the demo was good fun IMO and its getting fairly decent reviews so far

    not that i need it… soooooo many games to play! aaaaarrrrrggghhh

  • Moar money plz! Smashing Deux Ex on the hardest setting, may have been a bad idea considering the line-up coming… Too many games, not enough time. Damn you, work!

    Dark Souls, Batman: AC, AC: Revalations, Skyrim, GOW3, BF3, MW3… gonna need some floaties, man!

  • Defiinately pick up Driver, and probably give Bodycount a 7day rental 🙂

    Deus Ex is enough to keep me busy without these games anyways 😛

  • The 2 of interest for me this week were going to be Driver and Bodycount.

    I’ve read some pretty negative things about Bodycount, given that it’s being released with little marketing, no reviews out yet and with a retail price of $69RRP… seems like a lemon and being sent to die.

    As for Driver, had the game pre-order for the longest time, the SP demo was the final straw that will make me pass. Happy to enjoy games with over the top stories all the time, but this one is just on the brink of insanity and it just annoys the shit out of me.

    So no, I don’t care for a game where the main character is in a coma and the majority (?) of the story plays out in his head, even that first demo mission, trying to convince his partner of this ‘power’.

    It’s just beyond BAD!

  • I’m a little worried about the Driver game. People always go on about how the industry avoids trying new things or being innovative then this comes along, which will most be ignored by many people as it’s too different.

    • I think that the biggest issue (for me anyways) is that they explained the Shift mechanic as being possible because it’s all happening in the main character’s head. The whole “it was all a dream” thing is really cheap that and releasing a driving game on PC without wheel-support is just asking to lose sales.

      • I’m not a PC gamer, but I completely agree about the lack of wheel support.

        They are putting in real world cars, in a real world city with a decent physics engine behind it. The game is a driving game, to not include wheel support is just downright lazy.

      • I’m annoyed they’re using the same characters. They should just bring in new ones, give the feeling of a different universe rather then previous games being set in a realstic setting then we suddenly have ghost powers.

        As for the wheel support I kinda see where they’re coming from. How can you select individual cars when you can only turn left or right?

        • The time it would take for me to take my hand off the wheel to grab the mouse for the “shift” mechanic is the same as it would be moving my hand from keyboard to mouse so I don’t really see where they’re coming from.

          • and basically every wheel now has a D-pad and buttons on the wheel itself.

            so like the console version, you initiate the shift mechanic (which almost pauses the game anyway) and the move around with the dpad, zoom function could be handled by either paddles behind the wheel or the pedals even.

          • So it’s controlled with the d-pad in the console version? How does it work with multiplayer if it “pauses” the game?

          • I didn’t play the MP demo, so I can’t comment on how that works specifically.

            But in SP, when you shift, everything continues on but it’s in slow motion, so there is some decent amount of time to work out what car you want (I think in the real game though shifting is limited).

            When you shift, the camera pops up above the car and you move the target reticle with the LStick and zoom with the RStick.

            Honestly, I don’t believe they wouldn’t be able to find a workable control scheme for this component with a wheel.

  • Well nothing to really grab me there, think I might just keep my shameless gaming going a while longer

    Knocked over two (ghostbusters and hydrophobia) on the weekend so finally got from traction

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