This Week In The Business: ‘What’s The Point Of Next-Gen Consoles?’

This Week In The Business: ‘What’s The Point Of Next-Gen Consoles?’

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week…

QUOTE | “A force to be reckoned with.” – Panoptic Management Consultants CEO Asif Khan notes that if Nintendo’s stock continues to fall the company could be acquired by Apple, creating a gaming powerhouse.

QUOTE | “What’s the point of next-gen consoles?” – Epic Games President Mike Capps wonders what the future will hold for consoles given that smartphone technology is accelerating very, very quickly.

QUOTE | “Cathartic.” – id Software’s John Carmack thinks back to the days of Doom, the controversy over Columbine and notes that violent games can actually reduce aggression and violence.

QUOTE | “Games will take over the world.” – Civilization creator Sid Meier reflects on his career and the future of gaming in a special Q&A column with the legendary designer.

QUOTE | “Our respect probably has grown.” – BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk talks about the challenge of creating an MMO (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and how much they respect what Blizzard has done with WoW.

QUOTE | “I don’t know if we’ve seen anything like it.” – Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick is amazed at how much interest gamers are showing in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, which has seen pre-orders “significantly” ahead of Black Ops.

QUOTE | “How can you say it’s not peaking?” – EA and Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins questions whether Apple has actually already seen its best days and will soon decline.

QUOTE | “Not entitled to overtime pay.” – Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter elaborates fully on his position on crunch after initially getting many developers riled up with comments about L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi.

QUOTE | “Still see retail as very strong.” – Following the announcement of Season Ticket, EA Sports boss Peter Moore talks about the importance of retail despite EA’s continued push into digital.

QUOTE | “Inevitable.” – Hi-Rez Studios co-founder Todd Harris, who’s making free-to-play title Tribes: Ascend, believes it’s just a matter of time before Microsoft starts supporting free-to-play on Xbox Live.

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    • In all honesty, why?

      I used to love gaming on a PC, though these days I can’t justify the cost of a “decent” rig.
      Better graphics = higher development costs. Games already cost a shit ton to develop anything that is “AAA” looking. Can you imagine how that would skyrocket if everyone was developing to target the ultra-high end PCs that already exist, let alone what would come out if development weren’t being “held back”?
      More cookie-cutter FPSs that look great and feel the same.
      Good graphics are nice, but unless we want to start paying $200 a game to keep high end studios alive with massively increased development costs, we may have gone almost as far as we can justify.

    • “I want my pc game’s graphics to improve, sick of consoles holding them back a fhck tonne >:(”

      I do not know what planet you are on, but here on Earth we have games developed by humans called developers. Games are not made by consoles – they are held back by developer choices all centred around a dollar sign.

  • I take rumours of Apple buying out Nintendo about as seriously as I take rumours of Apple buying out every other company. Apple don’t do a lot of takeovers, and honestly Nintendo wouldn’t do much for Apple’s core business. Apple aren’t really a game company and have shown precious little interest in it.

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