This Week In The Business: 'What's The Point Of Next-Gen Consoles?'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week...

QUOTE | "A force to be reckoned with." - Panoptic Management Consultants CEO Asif Khan notes that if Nintendo's stock continues to fall the company could be acquired by Apple, creating a gaming powerhouse.

QUOTE | "What's the point of next-gen consoles?" - Epic Games President Mike Capps wonders what the future will hold for consoles given that smartphone technology is accelerating very, very quickly.

QUOTE | "Cathartic." - id Software's John Carmack thinks back to the days of Doom, the controversy over Columbine and notes that violent games can actually reduce aggression and violence.

QUOTE | "Games will take over the world." - Civilization creator Sid Meier reflects on his career and the future of gaming in a special Q&A column with the legendary designer.

QUOTE | "Our respect probably has grown." - BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk talks about the challenge of creating an MMO (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and how much they respect what Blizzard has done with WoW.

QUOTE | "I don't know if we've seen anything like it." - Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick is amazed at how much interest gamers are showing in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, which has seen pre-orders "significantly" ahead of Black Ops.

QUOTE | "How can you say it's not peaking?" - EA and Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins questions whether Apple has actually already seen its best days and will soon decline.

QUOTE | "Not entitled to overtime pay." - Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter elaborates fully on his position on crunch after initially getting many developers riled up with comments about L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi.

QUOTE | "Still see retail as very strong." - Following the announcement of Season Ticket, EA Sports boss Peter Moore talks about the importance of retail despite EA's continued push into digital.

QUOTE | "Inevitable." - Hi-Rez Studios co-founder Todd Harris, who's making free-to-play title Tribes: Ascend, believes it's just a matter of time before Microsoft starts supporting free-to-play on Xbox Live.

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    I want my pc game's graphics to improve, sick of consoles holding them back a fhck tonne >:(

      In all honesty, why?

      I used to love gaming on a PC, though these days I can't justify the cost of a "decent" rig.
      Better graphics = higher development costs. Games already cost a shit ton to develop anything that is "AAA" looking. Can you imagine how that would skyrocket if everyone was developing to target the ultra-high end PCs that already exist, let alone what would come out if development weren't being "held back"?
      More cookie-cutter FPSs that look great and feel the same.
      Good graphics are nice, but unless we want to start paying $200 a game to keep high end studios alive with massively increased development costs, we may have gone almost as far as we can justify.

      "I want my pc game’s graphics to improve, sick of consoles holding them back a fhck tonne >:("

      I do not know what planet you are on, but here on Earth we have games developed by humans called developers. Games are not made by consoles - they are held back by developer choices all centred around a dollar sign.

    Titular Fail.

    I take rumours of Apple buying out Nintendo about as seriously as I take rumours of Apple buying out every other company. Apple don't do a lot of takeovers, and honestly Nintendo wouldn't do much for Apple's core business. Apple aren't really a game company and have shown precious little interest in it.

    not trying to troll, but i really don't care one way or the other

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