This Year's Hardest Game Has Been Delayed (Briefly!)

Dark Souls, the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, was supposed to be out on September 15. It won't be.

Instead, the game will be delayed a week to September 22. From Software, the game's developer, stated that the game is being delayed "due to various circumstances". From Software did not go into greater depth than that.

Be sure to check out Kotaku's hands on with Demon's Souls.


    Isn't it delayed only in Japan? oO

    Guess I get to hold onto my dignity for an extra 7 days.

    Why is being hard a selling point?It's not
    that making a game hard is infact hard or requires any innovative game design.Personally
    I think the difficultly of demon souls ruined the game.It should have at least had an optional easy mode.I gave up after an hour or two and won't bother with dark souls.

      In your opinion, not everyones.

      Some people enjoy a difficult challenge, something that takes time, thought and persistance to overcome.

      For some, a difficult game is very rewarding. When i killed my first boss in Demon Souls i wanted to shout out that i had finally done it. I hadnt had a feeling like that in a game in a long time.

      Beside the difficult level, its actually a very well made game. It's a very different game. Has a somewhat unique storyline, dark themes, strong gameplay mechanics and had no bugs (that i could find). It was one hell of an RPG as well.

      the difficulty was DEFINITELY a selling point for me.

      kept me on my toes the entire time. I reckon its the same feeling Prince of Persia Sands of time gave.

      That sweaty palm feeling where you know you gotta play everything just right or you fall 5 thousand meters/ get killed by demons.


      The difficulty of Demon's Souls didn't ruin it because the game wasn't actually hard. It just required patience, which unfortunately most gamers don't have anymore.

        agreed. it wasnt that the game was stupidly hard or cheap. like you said it required patience and timing. you couldnt just rush into battle with 5 enemies. you had to take your time.
        a lot of people would be turned off by this if theyre used to a game like dragon age where you can dispatch 10 foes at once.
        theres games that are hard because they're cheap but demon's souls was definitely unique. when you got past a level you felt a sense of accomplishment. whenever you died it was because you did something stupid or attacked when you should have blocked.

      Check it out guys... FINALLY the end of the market that's been neglected the most over the last decade (Gamers who want a challenge), get what they want... And we already have a whinger.

      You have enough developers catering to your inept abilities, go buy their games, you only have to look at 99% of the games being sold at any retailer.

    Apparently making the game is pretty hard too :P

      As they've said, it's a hard game to finish =)

    In my opinion, Demon souls was a winner due to the fact that you were punished for your own stupidity. Just like real life.
    Do things right, and with a little persistence, WIN!

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