To No One’s Surprise, All PC Installs Of Battlefield 3 Will Require Origin

To No One’s Surprise, All PC Installs Of Battlefield 3 Will Require Origin

Just for the record, if you’re going to play Battlefield 3 on the PC, you’re going to create and use an Electronic Arts Origin account. Period. Developer DICE has confirmed what, really, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, a couple days ago on Twitter.

This covers retail copies on DVD, but we can assume it extends to any digital copy bought from a download service (other than, ahem, Steam) because well, why the hell wouldn’t it. This is EA’s new PC digital distribution service, it makes sense it would use its biggest selling PC title to drive people to it, like it or not.

So save yourself the inconvenience come October, just go ahead and create your account and download the client now. Just remember, if you’re abducted by aliens and don’t log in for two whole years EA can delete your account, burn down your house, ruin your credit, sell your children into slavery, blah blah etc. But hey, you’re still playing Battlefield, not some over-marketed military shooter pumped out by an evil big-name publisher.

Origin Required to Play Battlefield 3 [BF3 Blog]


  • This is a good move in my mind. Origin is not a bad service, and I’ve been using it since it was EADM. I have no problems with having multiple programs with my digital titles on them.

    If you ask me, gamers are just being self entitled cry babies about this whole thing.

    And if you don’t log into your account once in two years, that’s your problem. It’s easy to just let these programs just automatically start with Windows.

    • Except your products on an EA client can “expire” and you have to repurchase them.

      Also if the game won’t work despite reinstalls of the program, the game itself (redownloading all the files etc) trying on another computer still to no avail, you won’t be refunded or compensated in any way.

        • Actually no it’s not.

          I had issues with my Doom 3 expansion, wouldn’t run at all after being installed. I got on to Steam support and after some other attempts at trying to get it to work whilst chatting with them (including trying on another computer) they issued me a new cd key to input for the game which worked.

          EA on the other hand, despite talking to support for well over an hour wouldn’t help me in any way with my copy of BC2 when it wouldn’t install and actually run so I went and purchased it via Steam…

    • I wouldn’t say consumers are being cry babies. I think as consumers we just want choice, I personally would have liked to purchase it over steam, but at the same time I’m still going to buy the game.

      You can’t always get what you want, if I was in business development for EA I would do the same thing, but my perspective is from a consumer and consumers don’t like being third line forced into another service.

      • No you would rather pay steams inflated Australian prices instead. It’s still cheaper to buy the disc copy imported than a digital copy from anywhere.

    • Get back to us when you have to pay to extend the ability to download your games on Origin – to a maximum of 5 years.

      After that you’ll need to purchase the game again.

    • Sure and when the next game I buy from them comes with a swift kick in the nuts I’m supposed to bow down and thank them for being so gracious for letting me buy it.

      I am getting sick of this ‘gamers are cry babies’ attitude. We are consumers, no different to any other. We want to buy these products, but we don’t want to put up with this type of BS to buy them. You might not like people complaining but the fact is it’s the only way anything ever changes.

      If you buy a product and you aren’t happy with it you take it back. If they try to put in place a stupidly unnecessary policy you tell them what you think about it.

      • I am not sure if you are serious. Why do you want there to be one platform owned by one company. What if I want to play a valve game but not on steam? I can’t why should I not be pissed off at this. Does anyone even remember when steam first came out? And how much of a pain it was, there is still more room for improvement but it’s like nobody cares. Even if you don’t want to install Origin it will be good. It will do things better then steam and steam will have to make improvements. Why be happy to live in a stagnant world?

        • EA have had an online client for YEARS and it has never improved. This is just EA Downloader/Link/DM with a new name and new look so it should already be on par with Steam but it’s not and never will be…

          Also, Steam is constantly updated and improved so saying “living in a stagnant world” is a load of crap.

          Either way, begone EA troll.

    • Buying BF3 through Steam is essentially the same thing as choosing your retailer based on their quality of customer service. Steam have always had great customer service and good facilities to provide a great gaming/community environment.

      EA have basically decided not to stock BF3 via Steam so they can make more money through total control of DLC under the disguise of controlling the quality of service. This is irrespective of their history of shit service and “money over quality” mentality they’ve continually displayed in the past.

      By allowing Steam to coordinate updates and DLC, gamers get a one stop shop that’s convenient, quick and effective. Added to that the community features and being able to log in on different computers; Steam is known for good customer service. This is why their are fanboys in the first place and also the level of backlash for BF3 being pulled.

      EA only care about money, plain and simple. There’s no hint of providing a better service than Steam, it’s only ever been about money. Arguments like “get over it” and “just put up with it cry baby” show a lack of concern for your fundamental rights as a consumer and more than likely demonstrate the IQ and moral backbone of a flaccid pig.

      • Well said, sir. That is some of my reasoning for not buying into another lower, more demanding & ultimately pointless service…

        I refuse to add another constantly online, program, signing up for ANOTHER terms of service agreement that I’m positive 99.9% of all “participants” will not read fully like I have. Every joining Origin have unknowingly pulled the short straw without realising it. I’d still prefer all of it to be DRM free honestly but steam has proven to us all that it’s simply more than just a digital distribution service. Which Origin won’t elevate above still they won’t compete with competition, shameful EA, just shameful.

        Honestly I’d like to see something like Steam take on GoG’s values, like it JUST being a distribution/community/entertainment/news/competitive service. It’s all there, you just need to strip the DRM and sell it like a boss. EA simply wants to evoke their own bad practices & segregation. I thought I liked them but I probably never did since I always correlated them as the developers, not the publisher. Oh well, get stuffed you bloated, “flaccid pigs”!

    • Are you kidding, your going to cancel a game that you have no doubt been really really excited to get to the point of pre-ordering months before release just because EA has done what everyone has expected them to do?

      God sake what a bunch of whinging kids.

      Install Origin and enjoy the damn game. I know i will be.

      • You should read up on The Old Republic then…..hmmmmm EA at it again it seems.

        And no doubt, most of the “whinging kids” are older than you and just viewing the whole risk/reward of this outcome as nonsensical

      • im not actually a crying child and im most likely older than you. I just believe that EA does not have the right to say i cant play a game after 2 years. i have had many games where i havent played them for years then i pull them out and play them heaps. CS for example i dint play for at least 4 years and since ive started replaying it i have clocked up atleast 300 hrs. chances are there is another clause saying something along the lines after 2 years we have the right to remove this from your client at any time. EA download manager was terrible so i still dont trust them NO SALE. HOS2 will suit me fine atleast they know how to treat people

    • Hey man, if i were you just keep that pre-order. I’ve no problems with Origin (frankly because I don’t use em) but I do have an account with them since BFBC2. Don’t think of the negative (avoid it no matter what) and always think positive!

  • EA/DICE: We’re going to take down CoD because our game is so awesome! We’ll just spend a few months bad-mouthing our competitors! And then we won’t release mod tools! And then we won’t put it up on Steam! And then we’ll force you to use our unproven service! Yeah! That’s a totally foolproof plan to taking down the biggest videogame franchise! I know! Maybe we’ll announce that we’ll remove LAN support (please don’t, I was being sarcastic.)

    I am getting very tempted to not buy this game. I was so super super pumped when this was announced. Now? Not so much. I probably will still buy this game, if only because of the many many many hours my brother and I wasted on BFV, BF1942 and BF2. Though I’m really not sure how much bull***t they can try and push onto us.

    • It is disenchanting.

      It’s like when your favourite sporting player transfers to your least favourite team.

      You have loved them for so long, but now you just feel bitter and confused.

    • Can you provide a link or reference for when DICE (even EA) have bad mouthed the PC? I’ve been following it from the announcement and have only heard continued support for the PC platform.

  • Not that I won’t buy the game and love it, but it seems like EA is trying its damned hardest to make sure that BF3 doesn’t take the crown from CoD.

  • Another reason to stay as far away from BF3 as possible… Guess I’ll be playing BF: BC2 for a while longer.

    • +1…. game companies must be trying to out do each other on who can make the biggest mistake and still pull a profit.

      i was looking forward to this and D3, now its Skyrim and bioshock infinite that will be getting my money…

      • Yeah it’s weird, I’m not even angry or surprised. Just can’t be bothered with this sort of crap anymore, maybe I’m getting old. I can remember a time when we weren’t subjected to all this horsesh*t.

        Plenty of other stuff out there to play, so no biggie. Highlights right now being Space Marine, Skyrim and Dark Souls. THEY make me happy! =D

  • I kind of want this game, but with all this crap going on, I can only say…

    No Dice.


    • Well don’t come here and complain when there is a error or bug that stops your copy of BF3 from working and your only option is to purchase it a second time.

      • Wow Chazz Are you some sort of Troll. You are misleading in every post. And most things you complain about are in steam.

        • How am I the troll?

          Their prices are higher than Steams. Your digital download rights only remain available “for at least one year” which means they can force you to re-purchase the game. They’ve had an online store/client for only about 2 years less than Steam and still it lacks almost all the features of Steam.

          Where have I been misleading? These are all facts.

        • Ugh, go away Ron, every one knows you’re on EA’s payroll. Go tout Origin to some more gullible fools and leave us alone.

    • Gotta agree with that, If your gonna play BF3 your computer’s going to be pretty fast, one extra program aint gonna do shit.

      Also people complaining about different account details, make them the goddamn same as steam then, problem solved.

      If people are hating on the two year games policy…. sorta gotta agree but im sure they will have an early reminder system which emails you like one month beforehand.

    • Yeah I think I’ll buy COD4 for the fourth damn time (skipped WaW) instead. Going to grab it on PS3 this time cause I need more split screen games.

  • This kind of reminds me of the recent Penny Arcade comic, with the guy bitching about needing a constant net connection… then finding out he’s constantly been online since 1999 lol. Of course you guys are going to buy it. Pledging undying allegiance to Steam is just retarded, absolutely retarded. It’s like pledging allegiance to McDonalds…

    • Dude, first and last warning, leave Ronald out of this!

      My allegiances are ordered:

      1. Beer
      2. More beer
      3. Mcdonalds
      4. Gaming
      5. Mum
      6. Girlfriend (if I had one)

  • good-bye Battlefield3, hello MW3.

    just another way to extort money out of the pockets of a loyal fanbase rather than treating them with respect.

  • Some people here seem to be missing the point. Yes a lot of people, myself included, are not keen on the idea of installing another client but it’s not so much that it’s another client but that it’s an EA client.

    They have never had a stable online client and as has been said your games can “expire” or they can just even randomly stop working and your only recourse is to purchase it again.

    Combined with higher prices, why should people not be annoyed or put out by having to use it?

  • It’s a massive load of bullshit but I’m not surprised and I’m still playing this damn game no matter what.

  • I think you should note that if you’ve played a previous Battlefield game ever, you’ve already got an EA/Origin account.

  • I sense the increasing amount of vitriol between people here…
    I’ll still play it, yes, but I’ll have to try avoiding Origin as much as legally possible.
    BF2142 Northern Strike content stopped working for me after a few months, and my Battlefield Veteran status wasn’t registering properly in the first few months of BFBC2. I didn’t get a meaningful response from support.
    I can thank Valve for all the massive sales they have. I predict the actual Origin storefront won’t do so well anywhere aside from North America.

  • What is the go for retail versions? If I bought a physical copy, could I still be subject to the problems people have brought up here? (Games expiring etc.)

  • I wasn’t going to buy it if it wasn’t on Steam but I might on one condition.

    Can anyone confirm that if I bought the DVD copy of the game (ozgameshop ftw) and registered it on Origin, would I still need the disc in to play it being as the CD Key is registered to the online account anyway?

    Having to Rely on DVDs is why I only buy games on Steam.

  • Isnt this the same as MW2/Dawn of War 2 needing Steam to be activated? I see no differences in the two practices, granted I don’t like either, but it seems everyone wants to blindly defend Steam without seeing that it does the same practices.

    When Direct2Drive were complaining about Steam packaging with games and having a stranglehold on online retail I don’t remember anyone caring.

    • I am extremely wary of any digital distribution services – that includes Steam – given I like to play old games. Most DD services (including Steam) include a clause that states they are under no obligation to provide access to games you have bought. Consequently, it is entirely possible that in 10 years I won’t be able to play games that require online clients. As a result, the only games I’ve bought requiring this are the Orange Box, Total War 2 and MW2. I hope like hell that I will be able to play them indefinitely.

      You’re absolutely correct about Steam, but I think it has a pretty good track record. On the other hand, EA has been known to shut down servers – rendering online unplayable – only a year or two after games are released.

      As for me, I’ll do my best to stick to buying games that I can install and play without relying on servers somewhere which may or may not be taken offline whenever the company feels like it. That way, my ability to play the games I own is entirely in my own hands, something I feel much more comfortable with.

  • So when EA said “The service limits our ability to deliver patches and downloadable content directly to players” what they really meant was “Steam won’t let us install Origin during the Battlefield install”.
    I already wasn’t buying BF3 anyway, and I’ve got Steam and Battlenet, definitely not installing a 3rd game service. I’ll stick with BFBC2, the multi in that is awesome, can’t really see how BF3 could improve on it.

  • Anyone who say’s they will buy MW3 instead of BF3 because of this, I say please do, you can play with the 10 yo kiddies in a game which is already outdated before release.

    If you’re that frugal stay out of mah goddamn game

  • Any chance of there being any way of getting it without Origin?

    1. I’m not 18 yet.
    2. EA can take away BF3 at any time they want to, as a result of #1.

    As you can see, I really need it without Origin.

  • Correction: All non cracked PC installs will required origin, same as there’s cracked versions of steam releases.

    However, while EA will probably whine about people pirating, VALVe continue to lure pirates in with new features and good deals.

    I suppose it’s a sign of how big VALVe have gotten that even EA has gotten worried.

  • A stupid ploy on EA’s part id think

    i will buy BF3, i will play it on origin, but i wont be using origin for another single thing, just as Games for windows only exists on my computer for dead rising 2, which funny enough is still on steam…

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