To Stab Or To Karate-Chop? Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is All About Options

Yesterday, I wrote a post about some of the things I really like in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Today, I thought I'd share a video demonstrating some of them. This video shows some highlights from the first mission in the game -- stealth, hacking, cover, takedowns, conversation, negotiation and exploration.

Since it takes place near the start of the game, it's pretty spoiler-lite, though it does show a lot of the level, plus a few ways the mission can end.

While making the video (it's from the PC version), I was struck at just how differently each scenario could go down. I had a lot of fun recreating a few encounters, and, by behaving differently, causing a dramatically different outcome.

For all the elbow-stabbing, cop-punching, wall-hugging and cabrone-wrangling you can handle, give it a watch!

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    Also for you aussies if you setup a free or trail VPN server you can activate Dues Ex early, i may or may not have been playing all last night.

    Tired at work today haha

      disclaimer i should add, i take no responsibility for banned accounts. however it's my understanding that as long as you are paying the aussie amount there will be no ramifications.

      I um... know a guy who was playing in on Steam last night as well and he says it was glorious :D

        This friend of mine who I may know is playing is really excited about how great the stealth mechanics are in the game, noting more satisfying then taking down a guard behind hes buddy and dragging him around the corner haha. So i heard.

    Seriously... Just break the god-damned street date before I commit armed robbery.

    I'm getting so many people telling me its even better than part 1 :(

    DO. WANT. NAO!

    This sucks. If it's available on steam in one country, it should be available EVERYWHERE. All we need is one retailer to break it. Come on, K-Mart! Sell the damned game and the others'll fall like dominos!!!

      that's probably true, but alas, even if Kmart/BigW/EB/JB start selling it, the PC version won't unlock until tomorrow :(

    Order dispatched from Ozgameshop. WIll see how long it takes to get here.

      10 working days is the average buddy... be patient :)

        3 Days has been my general experience.

          I cant even wait that long, i'm picking it up...well, now. For full price...At Game. I'm a sucker, but if i had to wait any longer my head will explode.

    The one game I am dying to play, and its probably one of the few that won't break street date :(

    I've never played a Deus Ex before, and I'm itching to see what all the hype is about

    Wicked. This sneaking and cover system reminds me a lot of Thief Deadly Shadows...well minus the shadows. Does light play any part in how visible you are?

    The second after reading these comments I got a call from GAME. I got excited thinking the street date had been broken........but no, just telling me I can collect my copy in the morning!
    Damn! Woulda been awesome if had!

    Yeah... I'm going to Target after work at like 8pm. Gonna ask some poor sap to look out back for me... fingers crossed!

    Either that, or I have to take tomorrow off work, which would be unfortunate but neccessary ;)

    After a few frustrating hours last night I finally got it to run from Steam... and it's pretty awesome :)

    I've only got a crappy laptop so I didn't even try to tweak graphics and just set it to run at minimum and jumped in. It was still pretty good looking too.

    Though as a native of Detroit I feel that I must comment thusly: The future dystopic Detroit in Deus Ex Human Revolution is pretty kick-ass... though I'd consider the city lucky if this city *EVER* looks as clean and populated as it did in this 'dystopic' vision ;-P haha

    but it was cool to be running around Deus Ex-ing again while being able to see the Renaissance Center out the windows of Sarif Industries :)

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