To The Moon Will Most Likely Break Your Heart

It's been a while since I've felt so affected by a video game trailer. It could be the concept - travelling through the memories of a dying man to fulfil his last wish - or it could be the execution, with an art style that plays with the nostalgic memories we've already created with numerous other 16-bit RPGs. Regardless, To the Moonlooks utterly heartbreaking, and I can't wait to experience it.

To the Moon is the latest project by Kan Gao, creator of Quintessence - The Blighted Venom and The Mirror Lied, and revolves around an old man Johnny, and Dr Rosalene and Dr. Watts who, through new technology, have the ability to travel through the old man's memories and recreate them in order to fulfil his one dying wish - to go to the moon.

The game is scheduled for release this Spring.

Thanks to David Wildgoose for the tip!


    Pre-ordered the OST and got the 7 track in FLAC format. It truly is amazing.

    "It’s been a while since I’ve felt so affected by a video game trailer." - What about the Dead Island one?

    Slow motion riding on horses? Cliched silhouette love scene? Generic piano music over text on a black screen? Cmon guys seriously, I love 16 bit rpg's and new directions but this trailer was so cheesy I felt like I was going to explode.

      Yeah, same... at least when the singing started. I thought it was pretty well done until that. And the slow motion horses? *huuurrk*

      Glad I'm not the only one who thought this looked like a cliched mess.

      The guy playing the recorder can stick his imitation heartbeat fair up his ass or ask to play hot cross buns to show off his mad tooting skills

    cheesefactory 5000

    I hate to say it kinda lost me a little with the vocals and horses too.

    Although the music is very heavy on the heart-strings and I think that's where the whelling (I GOT DUST IN MY EYE ALRITE!) might spring from.

    As long as the story is there, this could be a really cool game. Kind of reminds me of 'Up', in a way...

    That was one of the single most beautiful things I've seen and heard, I'm really interested!

    This has me quite interested, I'm hoping the premise is executed in a genuinely moving way. Now added to the already long list of games I have to play come release date! ^^

    That music is incredible. The story concept also looks like a nice idea - not very often we get to play a character from birth to death.

    Well it's one of the more interesting things I've seen someone do with RPG Maker, that's for sure...

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