Torchlight II Hits PAX To Show Off Embermage And $US20 Price

Torchlight II will sell for $US19.99, the same price as the original, surprisingly fun PC action game when it releases later this year, developer Runic Games said today.

"It's always been our goal to provide exceptional value for the price," says Max Schaefer, CEO of Runic Games. "Everyone who wants to play Torchlight II will be able to comfortably afford to do so, and they'll be able to play with their friend online or via a LAN, or play single player offline, all with no further purchases.""

Runic Games, which is showing the game at Penny Arcade Expo this week, also announced the fourth playable class of Torchlight II, the magic-wielding Embermage. The Embermage joins the previously announced Engineer, Outlander, and Berserker classes.


    I wasn't surprised that TL1 was fun ;)

    PS Embermage must be a throw back to their firey Mythos class (the name of which I don't recall) - good on them!

    Actually I think alot more of thier Mythos work can be found in TL2 eg passes etc

    I love Runic's philosophy with their games - you get the complete game in the box, with no DLC needed, and all for a bargain price!

    Reminds me of the 'good old days' of PC gaming!

    Since Diablo 3 turned into World of Diablocraft, I've been hanging for a dungeon crawler and since Torchlight 1 was pretty much flawless, I have no doubt this will be just as good if not better.

    For that price you absolutely can't go wrong, it's a definite buy for me.

    ... Am I the only one suspicious about how one of the few titles coming out worth full price is not full price?

    Is the catch dlc? Please be dlc. Wait, random dungeons pretty well kill that. Class DLC maybe? I dunno.

    This is really mind boggling.

      Honest question;

      Are you being sarcastic or did you not play Torchlight 1?

      I'm quite drunk and a huge fan of Torchlight so this is bugging me :S

      If it's sarcastic and a dig at other games then I clumsily tip my hat to you otherwise I shall meet you on the fields at dawn.

      I'm with Chazz here. Have you not played the original? Far and away one of the greatest dungeon crawlers ever. Ever.

      It's going to be that price for everything. The lot. All of it.

      If you aren't familiar with Torchlight, I seriously recommend you give it a look. You'll thank me later.

      I never finished it(I have no idea why, uni probably), but what I did played screamed quality so I'm more than willing to put my neck out and say "Awesome whole way through". Suppose I own it to the game to do that before the new one hits, so diskhunt::get.

      It's not sarcasm - I really am boggled they're selling something so good so cheap. Any dig would be at the hundreads of lesser quality, mentally disabled cash cows that get churned out for four times the price.

        Thank goodness for that. Otherwise I would've spent my remaining days finding a way to jump through the internet to slap somebody on the other side... :P

        I guess your suspicions are warranted, but it's sad when a quality title gets released for a good price people automatically become dubious.

        They get it out so cheap because the digital distribution model cuts out overhead, shipping, printing, import fees etc. Plus the game itself is quite nimble and rather low-tech (can run on netbooks), so its ubiquity allows it to dilute profit margins across a far greater pool of customers.

    so when is it going to be released?
    im looking foward to this the most out of all PC games coming within the next 6 months.

    i was excited about this a long time ago, now im just gonna wait till diablo 3 i think.

    The first game nearly replaced Diablo II for me, but the classes/skills were just not as varied in Torchlight as they were in D2, so I've only played through it once. Hopefully Torchlight II will make its classes more distinct.

    "...or play single player offline, all with no further purchases.”"
    Cheeky stab at Diablo3 there? They deserve one, I suppose. I'm really excited for this :D

    I'ma have me some fun.

    Just annoying they still haven't announced a release date.

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