Trading Places

This is Trading Places, where we collate the trade in deals currently available at the big three specialist games retailers in the country. If you have games to trade and you want to get the best deal possible, this is a pretty good place to start.

But first, a quick disclaimer – these trade-in prices will change from day to day.

EDIT: Both GAME and EB have a trade-in deal where, if you trade towards any kind of pre-order, you get extra trade value. Currently EB are offering a 50% bump on all available trades, and GAME is offering a slightly increased 55%.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (3DS) GAME: $25 EB: $25 JB Hifi: $20

Mario Kart DS (DS) GAME: $20 EB: $18 JB Hifi: $20

Yakuza 4 (PS3) GAME: $28 EB: $25 JB Hifi: $30

Brink (PS3) GAME: $35 EB: $32 JB Hifi: $30

Bulletstorm (PS3) GAME: $30 EB: $26 JB Hifi: $35

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii) GAME: $32 EB: $30 JB Hifi: $20

Dead Rising 2 (360) GAME: $25 EB: $15 JB Hifi: $20

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) GAME: $40 EB: $39 JB Hifi: $30

Dragon Age 2 (PS3) GAME: $30 EB: $26 JB Hifi: $40

Fight Night Champion (PS3) GAME: $30 EB: $28 JB Hifi: $35

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360) GAME: $25 EB: $22 JB Hifi: $28.50

Mass Effect 2 (PS3) GAME: $15 EB: $10 JB Hifi: $10

MotorStorm Apocalypse (PS3) GAME: $25 EB: $22 JB Hifi: $23

NBA Jam 2011 (PS3) GAME: $30 EB: $25 JB Hifi: $18.50

Operation Flashpoint Red River (PS3) GAME: $35 EB: $29 JB Hifi: $35


    I like the fact that i cant trade in games any more. Because when i do trade in right after i want to play it again, with import copies that never happens but i take the risk of having crap games, paying way less is the risk i am willing to take.

      If your importing Pal UK copies of games, most places will still let you trade them. I trade Pal UK copies of stuff all the time. Considering the fact that Gametraders and EB both import stuff and chuck one of our OFLC stickers over the PEGI sticker, they can't not take your trade-in. If you import from US/Asia regions, then your statement still stands. Although, I have traded games from all regions at Gametraders.

        I've traded a ton of stuff from Asia and Japan (region-free) in at both Game and EB. Never a problem, even Alan Wake, covered in kanji, and Bayonetta, with a completely different cover.

        In fact the only game I've had trouble trading in was Earth Defence Force 2019 which was an Aussie release!

    So I guess you could buy Dead Rising 2 for < $24 at JB thanks to their 20% off sale and trade it towards a preorder at GAME for around $39. Nice.

    I know for a fact GAME at marion (adelaide) won't accept any other region game. So guess ill try EB. Wouldn;t mind selling Overlord2^^

    This 55% thing at GAME is great. I took back BRINK (awesome game but nobody playing and rubbish netcode) and now my Deus Ex preorder will only cost me 15 bucks. Bloody awesome :D

    btw dc universe online trades in for $4 and sells for $80 (for ps3)
    epic lolz

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