Try Not To Fall Asleep During The Old Republic's Jedi Consular Video

Known for their epic feats of stoicism and understanding, the Jedi Consular class in Star Wars: The Old Republic is sure to have even the most caffeinated MMO players waking up in a puddle of drool with their keyboard imprinted on their foreheads.

I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks. Not all MMO character classes can be flashy and exciting. It's not like facilitating a treaty between rival factions is something you can add flashing lights to and slip onto an action bar.

Well, unless you're an Anarchy Online Bureaucrat, the official class for players that get excited over armour that resembles a business suit. I played one of those ages ago, and while my powers weren't too exciting, I felt like a complete pimp while pulling them off.

Perhaps that's how playing the Jedi Consular feels. Who feels like breaking beta NDA? I'd check for myself, but alas, no beta for me.


    Jedi Consular is a support class, not a combat class... of course it's not going to be flashy.

    Also factor in that consular is the beginning class. At 10 then can change to either Jedi Shadow, which is a combat class or Jedi Sage, which is more of a healing class. So the fact that what you just watched was low level, it does not look so bad at all.

    This class is seems to portray Jedi knights as they where in the original trilogy.

    Consular turns into Shadow (rogue) or Sage (mage or heals). I wish they would show a progression trailer for the sith inquisitor.

    Kane is alive and wants to bring tiberium to the universe!

      +1 Just what I was thinking. Double check that lightsaber power source.

    Sorry, what Kotaku?

    I haven't seen much SOTOR but that video looked pretty exciting to me. You have to have some perspective, given that this is an MMO and not force unleashed.

    Soooo, Hes the priest class from wow. As in he can be DPS or Heals?


      I think He can also get stealth in the DPS role.

    "It’s not like facilitating a treaty between rival factions is something you can add flashing lights to and slip onto an action bar."

    Hey, negotiation is, uh, fun :D

    @ Supreme
    Sage can dps or heal, shadow can dps or tank

    I had the complete opposite reaction, first this guy has a sick beard secondly the music was awesome and thirdly the abilities show cased really make me consider playing a JC. Way to report opinion as fact kotaku

      What this dude said. I've actually heard that the assassin/shadow are the best tanks atm in beta.

    Why is Kotaku Australia even supporting this game by posting stuff about it?

    It's not even coming out in this country until 6 months to a year after the U.S and the U.K, if it comes out at all.

      lol yeah good point

      I'm still getting mine from overseas, have been waiting too long to just let it pass me by, no matter how screwed up the release is :(

    Another sarcastic article by Mike Fahey, just like the spacemarine one last week. He really needs to stop thinking he is too cool for school.

    The video looked good to me.

    Lets get someone decent to write these articles, other then someone who obviously has something against the game

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