Twisted Metal Is Coming Out On Valentine's Day

David Jaffe and his team are currently in crunch mode with the upcoming Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3, but he took the time to reveal the game's release date in a video tailor made for the PlayStation Blog.

Jaffe himself apologises for the date "extension' in the vid -- but it's OK Dave, we forgive you!

Twisted Metal is coming out on the PlayStation 3 on February 14 -- which most likely means a February 16 release for us. We're currently following up with Sony Australia for confirmation.

Twisted Metal Update: Happy Valentine’s Day [PlayStation Blog]


    Now I can be forever alone with other online gamers on Valentine's Day!

    I'm sorry, as good as I understand releasing a game on important holidays is for marketing purposes, I can't see it being a good thing for sales. For some reason the first week of sales is incredibly important these days, and I'd rather have nothing more important or well known occurring or being on peoples minds than the fact that my kick-ass hyped-up game is coming out on such a day.

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