Up Close And Personal With Razer’s Sexy Blade

Up Close And Personal With Razer’s Sexy Blade

We were blown away, BLOWN AWAY, by Razer’s surprise laptop announcement this morning.

It could have some pretty big implications we think. In this video Razer walks us through what’s so special about their upcoming $US2800 laptop.


  • I’m hoping that’s 2800 AUS, cos otherwise, lol.
    Also disappointing it wasn’t the tiny switchblade netbook one, which I was actually interested in.

    Will I pay 1000 + Dollars for a touchpad with an LCD screen on it? Probably not, that’s the difference between the already overpriced alienware laptops and this. Dell also have their inspiron 15z, which is just as thin as this and also has 2nd gen i7 processors and 500 series mobility cards, which would make it easily run bf3, for over 1000 dollars less.

    • Razer have an ongoing issue with charging Australians nearly twice as much as the US, and have refused repeated attempts at contacting them to talk about it.

      Fuck them; you will be disappointed, but you can likely import it.

  • Is the video working for anyone else?

    Well, if the blade is $2800 AU it would definitely be the replacement for my other halfs G73 (oops, said 71 earlier!). Anymore than that and I just think its too expensive. Doesnt stop me from wanting one too! Alas, id rather spend that cash on my desktop rig.

  • so it because of the size, you have to carry a battery pack with you?

    Umm thats okay, it looks good, its thin and yea not going to spend 2800 on it.

  • Lol, its $2,800. Fuck that for a joke. They’re apparently going to ‘change the face of PC gaming’ by charging three grand for a laptop that will no doubt die after 2 hours of BF3, whilst for the same price, you could build 3 solid desktop gaming PC’s. Anyone who actually pays for one is officially retarded. I also love how they say ‘gaming laptops dont exist today’. Obviousally they wernt aware that Alienware have been doing this for about 5+ years. Jesus christ.

  • God some PC gamers are such whiners. Yes, its expensive, but rather than go “cool concept, glad to see another desktop replacement gaming laptop. but $2800 is too much”, we get “what a fucking joke” etc.

    • I thought it was pretty universally known that “what a fucking joke” means “cool concept, glad to see another desktop replacement gaming laptop. but $2800 is too much”

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