Valve's Bringing Dota 2 (And A $US1m Prize) To Gamescom

Valve's Dota 2 will be officially shown to the public for the first time at this month's Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany — the same location that will host the game maker's first Dota 2 tournament featuring a million dollar prize.

"The International" tournament will pit 16 of the world's top Dota teams against each other in a double elimination playoff competition alongside the five-day-long Gamescom show. The winning team will walk away with a cool million bucks. Dota fans who can't attend Gamescom can watch the tournament online in Chinese, German, Russian, and English languages free of charge.

Valve also offers an update on the release of Dota 2, which it says will be available on the PC and Mac "later this year".

Kotaku will be at Gamescom 2011, covering all things Dota 2 and beyond.


    Is the LoL-style freemium model confirmed or just rumor as this point?

      Just a rumour right now but with the TF2 going 'Free to Pay' and Valve wanting to compete with LoL and HoN, it's the most likely route they'll take.

    I don't want to use microtransactions! I want to pay $60 and have the game with everything in it, rather than having to slowly pay $1200 to have every character and skin pack...

      In LoL and HoN you don't have to pay money to unlock any of the heroes, it just takes time.

        I wrote a large comment with calculations on how long it took to unlock some champions but as I was writing it I realized that it wasn't actually that bad considering LoL's FTP.

        I only hope that if Valve do adopt the FTP notion that they have a pre-order pack or something with the majority of champions available.

    These games work at their best when you have access to every hero in the game. I can't imagine playing Dota and having to select from a limited pool of the twenty free heroes. It would ruin any chances of you picking crazy heroes and trying new strategies.Besides, dota isnt like Lol where you have duplicate heroes, so it really wouldnt work very well.

    I hope its a 30 dollar game or something.

    valve should use that million dollars to speed up the release of episode 3 thats the only game that i really want to play.

    is this a stand alone or still need warcraft 3 to play?


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